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On Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 9PM, in front of the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts and other locations all over Israel, a thousand round tables convened to discuss questions like these: What change in our society do we hope for? What are people willing to do to make it happen?
Hosted by Danny Gal and Hub Tel Aviv and many other individuals and organizations throughout Israel, this World Café was a true display of democracy in action on an unprecedented scale, a conversation between people from all walks of life leading to the co-creation of significant insights and ideas for social change and action.
This was dubbed “phase 2” of the mass protests happening every week throughout Israel, advocating the idea that all can contribute and commit to changing society, both locally and globally.

Here's more from David Harris Gershon, in a blog post originally published in the Daily Kos.

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This is SO exciting! I can only hope that here in the US we are able to mobilize this kind of conversation...perhaps Occupy will be the seed for this all across our land.



There is somewhere on the net also an audio to be found with an interview with Danny Gal with the whole story and the major learnings. You would need to connect with Vanessa Reid or Maria Bakari to know where it is right now.

1,000テーブルのワールドカフェ! すごいですね。

Hi Kazuaki Katori,

Great to see you here and thank you so much for helping with the World Cafe Foundation fund raising effort.  It's very touching to see the outpouring of support from our community to help keep this gift traveling to others around the globe.

Fondest regards and best wishes,



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