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1st Online Café of the European Salon, September 14th 2009

Hi all,

we are going to host the first Online Café in the context of the European Salon today. The salon itself will take place physically in Reichenau an der Rax in Austria from October 16-19, 2009.

The purpose of today's Online Café is:
• Starting to get connected in the context of the European Salon
• Gain experience with Online Cafés as a community
• Initiate the exploration of dialogue, leadership and community

The questions for the Online Café will be:

• What relations do you see between dialogue, leadership and community?

• What would you like to see emerge in relation to the European Salon?

This conversation is about making the results of the Online Café visible: We are going to share graphic recordings and notes from the Café.

If you'd like to join and extend this conversation you're welcome.

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Here is a message from Ulric Rudebeck.

Hi Sabine,

Sorry I am late but been out for a while.
Can not get to the meeting. If plans change I will try but don’t hope for it

What relations do you see between dialogue, leadership and community?

A dialogue is a platform for communication in a group of people,
-that are linked together in a common intention,
-to reset and redirect their course of actions,
-if necessary as a response to external and internal changing conditions.

Leadership is a role for a person or a group,
-to, among other things, facilitate that dialogue
-for the common best expressed in agreed targets
-and in some cases support the group to dare to expand beyond their present

Community is the energy that binds this group together
-in their joint efforts to reach their goals
-and support each other in that effort.

They are all linked together because they all interact. Whiteout this
interaction there is no ethics in organizations, companies or other bodies.
The challenge is to have this continuously with a quality that is high
enough all the time in an organization.

Our challenge is to support the organizations we interact with to have that

Good luck

Hi all,

Amy announced that I will post some key elements of the harvest. As I see it, this is already happening by the wonderful drawings.

For those of you who are interested in what has happened in the chat during the Online Café, find enclosed the edited chat protocol. Combined with the drawings, this might give an impression of what it takes behind the scenes to create this kind of conversation.
Mr. Soeder:
Thank you for sharing this transcript. It appears there were technical issues in the beginning until the time the team was able to engage in the Cafe. I am very interested to learn more about how you organized the WorldCafe Online? I have participated in a physical World Cafe but never in an online one. Did you use a Chat program or a web meeting program to conduct this? How did you facilitate people moving from table to table, doing this online? Were the pictures drawn offline and then loaded or were they done on the online system itself.

Sorry for the barrage of questions - shows my curiosity I suppose.

Best Regards
Dear Ravishankar,

may I point you to this link where more details of the Online Café are outlined?

I hope this will answer some of your questions.

Kind Regards, Ulrich

Here are Bill Hisnch's drawings of the harvest of the online cafe on Sept 14, 09—you can reach Bill directly at
here are the recordings from Bill Hinsch - thank you so much - they are great!
Thank you for sharing these graphic recordings. They are wonderful.

Hello Ulrich,

Thanks for conveining the conversation on Monday - I has been GREAT :-)

I was happy to see and feel that what I have experienced in a different
environment during building up the new BMW plant in Leipzig, Germany,
is coming into a broader community use now.

Technology is getting so easy to use and cheap, that virtual conversations
like the one on Monday are doable now and even non-tech orientated
people can connect.

Best regards

Hi all, Lisa Berg has posted her recordings in another thread. Here they are again (part 1).
And here is part 2. Thank so much for this contribution, Lisa.

At LONG last - here is my harvest from the amazing call/sharing/experiment. thanks Ulrich! Kelvy Bird


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