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A must read new book, Infinite Vision. A profound story of social justice for our world...

The just released book, Infinite Vision, may be one of the most profound and transformative books you will read this year. I highly suggest.

Here is the review that I just submitted to Amazon:

When Pavithra first produced and brought to the world her acclaimed documentary film, Infinite Vision, I was sunned with the quality and emotional impact that the film brought forth. The depth of scholarship, insight, and pure inspiration that Pavithra and Suchitra have provided in this new book with the same title is stunning. If you pick up this book to read a business case for an extraordinary organization, good for you, but you will miss 90% of what this inspirational work is about. Transformation is about a shift in mindset. To simply take the work and try to duplicate it is bound to be frustrating. The mindset of Dr. V is what the profound lesson is about to me. That mindset created the culture which allowed the current Aravind to emerge. It was not planned and controlled into existence, it emerged from the will of those who envisioned it. What is the core to a culture of innovation? What mindsets are critical to its emergence? This book is inspirational and can provide the foundation for transformative conversations that have the opportunity to create social justice in our world. Embrace this book, internalize it, and create the conversations that can heal our world. This book has that spirit within it. Not many do. I highly recommend Infinite Vision and suggest that it be offered to anyone interested in creating a better world. Can one person make a difference in this world? From what I have seen, the resounding answer is yes. If each of us takes this challenge, there is no doubt in my mind that we can make it happen.

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