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We've had a number of new members join us here in the World Cafe online community in the last few weeks - and I have been away on a road trip and not able to really welcome everyone personally like I would normally...

So if you are one of the 33 people who have joined us since February 8th - welcome!! I'll be greeting each of you individually over the next few weeks and sending you a "friend" request, and in the meantime please explore this space (the Orientation and Resources tabs have some useful information to help you) and ask me (or anyone here) any questions that you have.

And if you are one of the 4,499 members who are already here - even if you feel like you are new yourself - please reach out to our newest members (or even some of the older ones! :-) with a warm welcome, and maybe even start a conversation or two when you find people who share your interests or make you curious...


Warm Wishes to all,


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