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LAST WEEK I hosted a World Café for presenters from Al Gore’s Climate Project..
The presenters are part of a network of 1500 people in the US, 3500 worldwide, who present the Inconvenient Truth slide show in communities and organizations. We explored ways that the Climate Project (TCP) can take next steps toward more engaging, interactive ways of exploring climate change issues. The World Café is ideally suited for this “next step” and we will be discussing ways to blend the content of TPC with the process and philosophy of the World Café. If there is wide scale interest I will be asking you, the World Café community, to participate in your various locations, perhaps partnering with presenters, to host events. I will post an up-date here when I know more.

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Nancy this looks like a wonderful idea. Let me know how the process progresses. It would be fun to try here in Central Oregon.

There is great interest in this project. 2200 people in the Climate Project (trained by Al Gore) received this newsletter! I think that we can begin to match presenters with WC hosts.
Nancy this is a wondful project. I am most certainly interested in participating both at a local level and beyond that if possible. Thank you for sharing the newsletter. I wish you the best.
Nancy - I would be interested to hear more about World Cafes and how we at The Climate Project might utilize it in our work around the world. I am also looking at the Swedish Study Circle-type model as a means for longer term small group engagement.

Jenny Clad
Exec. Director
The Climate Project
Jenny, I am working with TWC team as I do research for my doctoral program. I would be very interested in taking a serious look at intergenerational dialogue using TWC for The Climate Project. I believe that this combination would be transformative your you and the world. I am researching social transformation through intergenerational dialogue using TWC within a living systems framework. If you would be willing to have a conversation I would love to talk with you about your work and how we can intersect our efforts.


Thanks for this - I think a conf call with you, Juanita, Tami and Nancy to kick things off and start to shape our thoughts on how we could use TWC methodology for TCP's purposes and our next level of grassroots engagement. If you get in touch with my assistant -- "Kathryn Michel" , she can put the call together for us. I'll ask the others the same...Look forward to talking - maybe after Thanksgiving?
Hi Jenny,
I too, think this is an exciting possibility and am very open to exploring it with you and Nancy, who as you know, if one of our key World Cafe pioneers. I share John's perspective below that this might be an exciting intergenerational opportunity as we also have younger "hosts" around the world who are very skilled in World Cafe and other methodologies for dialogue who might partner with your climate facilitators who are more versed in the content information.

I've spent a lot of time in Scandinavia over the years and think it would certainly also be worth exploring the Study Circle approach for small groups....World Cafe in large groups within communities to raise awareness and engagement and Study Circles for in depth follow up and neighborhood collaboration might be an exciting combination!

Juanita Brown
Co-Founder, The World Cafe
YES! the time is right and some wonderful opportunities are presenting themselves.

Also, to improve our harvest sharing are showing up as well. Take a look at this:
Yes! New opportunities are presenting themselves and the time feels right for advancing the work of the World Cafe, the Climate Project and other processes that have a natural affinity. As for sharing what we harvest, this new technology is wonderful (click on light bulbs on image to reveal video options on this map):
Nancy -- soooo, let's talk. If you contact - she'll put a call together after Thanksgiving! Thanks, Jenny
Hello Juanita,

Please see my response to John. I suggest we talk after Thanksgiving. If you could contact my assistant at

Hi Jenny: Let's schedule a time to talk with Tami next week to further explore the work of TCP and the ways the World Café can support it. I will see if Juanita can join us as well.



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