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LAST WEEK I hosted a World Café for presenters from Al Gore’s Climate Project..
The presenters are part of a network of 1500 people in the US, 3500 worldwide, who present the Inconvenient Truth slide show in communities and organizations. We explored ways that the Climate Project (TCP) can take next steps toward more engaging, interactive ways of exploring climate change issues. The World Café is ideally suited for this “next step” and we will be discussing ways to blend the content of TPC with the process and philosophy of the World Café. If there is wide scale interest I will be asking you, the World Café community, to participate in your various locations, perhaps partnering with presenters, to host events. I will post an up-date here when I know more.

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Nice to connect with you--I have taken your Graphic Recording workshops in the past and really enjoyed them. I also know Laura Peck (from another life) and am glad to reconnect with her as well through this community.
I contacted Juanita and Amy in order to see how I might help with World Cafe events. I am seeking to understand the process more through witnessing it. Participating is great, but I'm looking for more of a gestalt and an observer's point of view. I hope to begin using it in other non-profits I participate in.
My thought is that I would like to support you in the TCP World Cafe event here in the Bay Area. Please do contact me and let me know what I can do. My email is
Hi Peg: Great! We have an event coming up for the climate change facilitators and I think there will be room for you to witness it if you wish. It's on Jan 9th 10-12. Juanita and David and Amy will be here too. It's at my home in Montara. I'm glad you're interested and I'm sure there will be many opportunities. YOu could witness the Cafe I give for students at the Presidion Graduate School (Green MBA) also in January -- I need to check the date on that one.
Happy HOlidays! N
Thanks very much--let me know what I can do to help you with logistics--setting up, clearing up, whatever you need. Thanks!
Ok/ Arrive at 9:30 AM on the 9th and we'll take it from there!
Nancy--can you forward me your address? My regular email is
Hi Peg -- I am so sorry if the cancelled cafe notice didn't reach you -- and I am not sure if it was you who came on Saturday to the cafe only to find it not happening. Please give me your e mail and I will send more of an update and find another event for you to attend. My next one is this month for Presidio Graduate School in SF.
Hi Nancy,

I just found this conversation. What a great concept! If it's not too late in the day, I'd be able to facilitate a WC for someone/a group hosting a viewing in Seattle.




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