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I've just watched a couple of videos on YouTube about child labour and poverty, and to say the least it moved me but even more it appalled me.

I know we live in an unequal world but it is so easy to shut out these things with the thought 'what can I do? I sort of comfort myself that there are many organisations working on their behalf but nevertheless the exploitation of children goes on. Often this exploitation exists purely out of poverty and necessity but too often it goes on purely because lack of education and opportunity for betterment.

Most of us live in affluent countries, enjoying a good life; we can travel and enjoy freedom but many of the children of the world will not grow up to experience such things. This thought attacks my conscience.

Of course I can send some money to the organisations who are doing something but is this really enough? And I can make lots of excuses as to why I don't do more - best thing to shut it out and get on with my life? But now I can't and why should I?

My philosophy is that we should strive to create a better world but this can't be done just by creating a better life for ourselves, we can only do it by creating it for others and then our life will become better as a consequence.

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i admire that there are some people who bother to think about the welfare of abused children  amidst their affluence. The thought of helping those children is already a first step towards alleviating their plight. Government is doing its share, from enacting laws, providing funds and information and education campaigns, to eradicate exploitation of minors. Non-government organizations engage themselves in the areas not played by governments in tackling this issue. Others, see it as an opportunity in pursuing their corporate responsibility while trying to be on top of the business world.  

Hello Eddie,

It is reassuring that there are people in organisations and even governments trying to help. This is good but more needs to bed done.



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