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Three Community Cafes with World Cafe community members around the globe were hosted in September.The Cafes were supported by the World Cafe Community Foundation's Stewardship Council and hosted by the following team: Martin Castro, Cecilia Soriano, Amy Lenzo, Michaela Sieh, Ty Tallcok, and Asma Batool

Each of the three Cafes was a rich experience - small, intimate groups in heart-full conversation - and we learned a lot together.

There were 20-25 people in the first and last and only 3 of us in the middle one, but that conversation was no less rich or focused.

The context for these Community Cafes was simple -
The online community space that we created 20 years ago that served the needs we had then very well is not necessarily able to support the needs of today in the same way. 

The intent of these Cafes was to make our community spaces reflect what we truly want from our interactions as an international community of practice.

Here is the “Harvest Report” we created to share the essence of what we learned and what is needed/wanted, along with a graphic recording from the September 14th Cafe by Nancy White.

Harvest Report.pdf

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Hi Amy. Can you tell me if there is another Community Cafe scheduled? I want to start the process for co-hosting one. Thanks, Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,

Yes, there is always one every month - the December Cafe Community has been scheduled, but looks like Michaela has not posted the registration announcement for it yet.

Michaela Sieh coordinates the monthly Community Cafes, as well as the process and co-mentoring for the hosting team, so she's the one you should contact:

I mentioned your interest to her already and she's excited and looking forward to your being in contact.

It will be great to have you as part of that team!




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