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David's Google Alert alerts us of varied uses for the World Cafe

David Isaacs sent in a report from his Google alert about the World Cafe
being used for a number of purposes in a variety of locations including
a primary school in UK using
the World Cafe to help students think about the shift to secondary
school and a forum in New Jersey using
World Cafe for conversation about issues that effect people with
developmental disabilities.

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Hi Amy,

Is there a way for there to be a link on our on-line community (highlighted on the front page) where people themselves can go to find out what's happening with World Cafe? And could it be highlighted in the newsletter that they can set it up for themselves and a link to where they can do it individually as well??
Hi Juanita -

Of course! Although I think I need to hear more about what you're imaging... The whole site is all about what's happening with the World Cafe ... and anyone (including David! :-) can add media mentions or resources and categorize them as Cybrary so they will show up in this listing.


Hi Amy -

There are a number of us in Wisconsin using the World Cafe to hold numerous community conversations about issues that affect the lives of people with disabilities - these have been attended by people with disabilities, families, allies, and other community members. I facilitated one earlier this spring that focused on family members of children and youth with disabilities. Coming from an ABCD background, I try to help people focus on the gifts and talents of their children, as well as what they really want for their kids (e.g., they really don't want "better services" - what they want is better lives and the services are just one way of getting closer to that.)

It's so exciting for me when people - particularly parents - realize that their children's gifts and talents are more important than what's "wrong" with them. I believe that parents intuitively know that, but that our systems have trained them to focus on the disabilities.

World Cafe offers a way for us to help all of us gather to celebrate these gifts and talents and to focus on how they can best be shared in communities. Having people besides parents (other community members - the "unusual suspects") makes it something that isn't just the responsibility of the parents.

hi Deb

I remember you mentioning this site at a conference I went to on transitioning from High School to employment for children/young adults who experience developmental disabilities.  I am a bit perplexed by the whole thing but at the same time excited to think I can talk about what matters to folks around the world.  I tried to search "disabilities" and this is what it led me to.  Do you know of other conversations going on out there and how I can find them?


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