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Deborah Goldblatt & Multi-Generational Collaboration in the News

From the RockRose Institute January Newsletter:
Deborah Goldblatt, Director of The Youth Dialogue Project, is partnering with and
bridging two initiatives this season. Four key hubs across the U.S. of the World Café community are energetically engaging the field of multi-generational collaboration. On the Move's local (Napa) project, the Democracy Zone, is rapidly progressing with its plans to mobilize a neighborhood, called the McPherson Neighborhood, towards its members' full co-creative potential. Before convening the Democracy Zone's first Elder council, the community of the McPherson Neighborhood will gather on March 20th in a World Café for the purpose of discovering its core values and agreements as an evolving, thriving multi-generational community.

The World Café design team from the Bay Area hub will work collaboratively with a core Democracy Zone team to craft the key questions for the community to explore and harvest. The Café teams will be comprised of each represented generation of the community. Next steps, as well as graphic and video recordings from the McPherson Café, will be shared in our Spring newsletter.

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very exciting!!


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