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Do you know these moments when you feel like sharing a story - and it seems that there is not enough time because there are urgent things to do?

I had such a moment an hour ago. And I have decided to not listen to the urgencies, but instead sit down and write a story of gratitude.

Tonight, I will be co-hosting a World Cafe in a school, a school that has been home to my children since 17 years. A school close to my heart - and a school community that sometimes struggles to be in meaningful conversations. As most probably also true for many other World Cafes being hosted around the globe: hosting requires our full presence and open hearts. 

Having the opportunity to share my thoughts, my concerns and my hopes about this Cafe with two very experienced hosts (Amy Lenzo and Steve Ryman) - has been such an incredible gift for me. This is what our community of practice is - a place where we can support each other, where we can show up in our strength and in our vulnerability. A place where we can ask for what we need. Knowing that friends and colleagues are holding the rim for us during the Cafe - is a precious treasure. 

My deep gratitude goes to Amy and Steve - and to so many others who have held the rim here over so many years. 

The generosity of this community of practice touches me deeply. 

Steve spoke about a "community with consciousness in its center". What an honour to be part of this community and its journey. 

And... I promise to share a bit more about what a conversation about questions and design and presence might look like - and about my learnings from the Cafe (at a later moment). 

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