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How can the concepts of world cafe be adapted for small groups of 15 to 25?

I'm getting so many requests by Board of Directors from non-profits to do world cafe with their Boards and staff because of experiences they had at a large world cafe.

They love the process, the energy that results, the excitement that is carried forward by the group,  the connection they make to each other and the results, and the real results they see happening as the weeks went by after the world cafe they attended.

I'd like to find a way to adapt world cafe to small groups of 15 to 25 people.  I believe it can somehow be applied, but have not quite figured out an acceptable way to do it. 

Has anyone had experience with this who is willing to share with me?  I have a Board retreat that wants a 3 hour world cafe session somehow related to "Think W/out Constraints" - "break down silos" - fostering "out of the box" '. . . may seem like old terminology, but they are new terms they brought to me and are excited about. 

I wonder if anyone else is thinking the same thing?

Any thoughts are much appreciated.   


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Call David, who has done a lot of these smaller Cafes-- very easy really -- still tables of 4, same basic process but just more intimate! Call David at 415/663-1961 or on his cell (only if he is away from Tomales) at 415/250-8412.

Our first World Cafe, in fact, was with 24 people....

Do others have ideas from your experience??

Gracias, amiga mia, I will contact him ASAP. I'm very excited about possibilities. When you and David arrive, I want to have a small gathering, introduce you to some great, like-hearted and like-minded people. Te extraño muchísimo!
Kelle hi-

I saw your entry and had the same query- I have a group of businessmen here in Israsel that I lead once a month (it is a type of mastermind) and I would like to do a meeting around the world cafe process- we usually get between 12- 16 people....what are some tips that you may have received on small groups?


Ronnie Dunetz
Hi Ronnie...
As I suggested to Kelle, you might want to contact David Isaacs, my partner, who has done a number of these smaller Cafes -- Tel: 415/663-1961

And, do you know Edna Pasher in Israel....she's a World Cafe pioneer there.

Juanita Brown
Thank you Juanita
Ronnie, I have not yet debriefed with my mentor, David Isaacs on this, but I can tell you my experience with the intimate cafe. You can email me at my private email,, and I will email you back directly.
Perhaps using some of the creative thinking techniques of Edward de Bono as activities? As the "grandfather" of innovation, de Bono's work is all over the web and in the content of the 80+ books he has written.

These are really fun "thinking games" to do that don't take up much time that result in a proliferation of interesting ideas - since that is the topic that you're interested in exploring.



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