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How to simplify and democratically create future stable money

“The Future of Money” January 2018 cover story in Scientific American is too complicated. Future money will become simply a medium of exchange. Future money will not have the complications of also being a store of value or unit of value.

Humanity will not have a future unless it adopts a unit of value defined by the efficiency of using benign renewable energy to counter climate change. The Internet of Things can automatically calculate the efficiency of using benign renewable energy in each region of the planet. This will allow all trade and investment contracts to become indexed to the efficiency of producing local benign renewable energy in each host region.

Contracts insured by trusted third parties would create Sustainable Energy Dollars (SED=$Z). The insurance cost and a cost to make money independently self-liquidating would be attached to the money. The self-liquidating user pay fee would limit the excessive issue of money. User pay money emerged in the Great Depression and began circulating again in Germany this Century without a crisis.

Markets would allocate the production of goods, services and the global population to regions that can most efficiently support humanity on a perpetual basis. Blockchains are not needed. But encryption may be required by those with something to hide.

Money becomes very simple, stable, decentralised and democratic with the ability to stabilise humanity on any planet. 
Refer to my December 2017 conference presentation posted at:

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