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There are people gathering here in the World Cafe community from literally all over the world, and it is so exciting!!! I really want to meet everyone, and I know I'm not alone. Would you please tell us a little about yourself here, just as an introduction, so we can start to learn about each other? Where do you live? How did you learn about the World Cafe? What are your interests and passions?

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Good afternoon, Benjamin, and thanks for the welcome.

As I type this comment, heavy rainfall darkens Portland's  sky and turns roads into rivers. I imagine others sun-bathing on beaches or shoveling snow. It's all about place. Place and camaraderie. Brain research shows that the brain longs for friends; it needs to belong. In fact, specific areas of the brain generate pain when a person does not belong. The inclusiveness of World Cafe is one of its great strengths.

I'm a former university professor who for years has been applying the findings of brain research to daily life. The remarkable discoveries of neuroscience show us, for instance, that listening, being open, mindful, attentive, and reflective changes the brain's structure. These findings explain, in other words, why World Cafe dialogue works so beautifully.

I look forward to learning about World Cafe members and events. 


Hi dear Elaine...

How WONDERFUL to see you here contributing to this community....I feel really blessed and honored to have your depth of experience and vision as part of these conversations.....and hope you will join those groups that interest you.

With deep appreciation,


Welcome Gina!  Glad to see you here.


Hi all,

I'm Lan, facilitator and trainer and most of all I see myself as a catalyst of exchanges. I'm Vietnamese, living in Paris. I'm in the middle of different cultures: Asian in ways of living, American in working and French in ...I don't know yet (I'm learning :-) ).

I was trained in facilitation in 2003 in Technology of Participation (ToP) to do different development projects in Vietnam. I used mostly The Focused Conversation and Consensus workshop as my based methodology. I've been working in different sectors: ONG, association, business and public.

I first heard about World Café in 2009, from a friend who is part of Art of Hosting network. I then participated in some workshops and get really interested in learning more and use it. World Café now is used like one part of my training and facilitating, depending on the context, number of people in the groupe... What I really like in WC is: a simple process which is really engaging and creative. 

I've initiated a community of practices in Paris. I'm thinking of introducing the method to others in the group. I am very happy to be part of this group and get connected with others. Thank you very much for your initiative.

All the best,


Coucou Lan,

ravi de te retrouver au détour de ce blog..

Belle journée


Coucou Jean Pierre,

contente de te voire ici aussi :-)

Belle journée

Welcome your community of practice focused on World Cafe or a borader set of practices as well?

With warm regards and best wishes,


Hi Juanita,

Thank you very much. Our community of practices doesn't focused only on World Café. We practise and introduce different methods of facilitation and coaching. We gather once a month and each time, 2 persons facilitate. We learn a lot from each other and have lots of fun.

Warm regards,


Hello to my New Friends in the World Cafe Community!  I am writing from just north of Colorado Springs and have just experienced the first of our 3 conversations in Learning Program #1.  Immediately signed on for Program #2.  I am a non-recovering shameless idealist.  Have been since the 70's -- tried "recovery" in the 80's -- failed miserably... I have loved reading about the World Cafe and Conversational Leadership for a long time, but was given the Gift of an "excuse" to learn more when I was invited to host a WC at the annual conference for the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership this June.  I am SO THRILLED to have the opportunity to learn from the Master Conversation-Conveners!!!  I've been working internationally for the past 20-ish years doing leadership development -- especially in the arena of technology -- working with "Girl Geeks" (to quote Amy & Juanita) and  "Guy Geeks" who have accidentally stumbled into leadership positions.  It's been such a fabulous learning opportunity to work in so many different cultures all over this good planet -- I have learned infinitely more than I "taught"!  Now my heart's desire is to help develop the next generation of Conversational Leaders and Servant Leaders, so I am fascinated to hear about what the World Cafe Community is doing in the area of inter-generational conversation.  What I'm learning in Program ! will help me do a bit of risk-taking with a workshop I'll be presenting next week at the regional conference for a national business fraternity.  I wonder what kind of Necessary Revolution might happen if the next generation of leaders began asking meaningful questions and really listening to each other?  I wonder what Magical Transformation might occur if we all became genuinely interested in diverse perspectives?  I wonder what it would take for the next generation of leaders to learn to draw out the best in others and use that Collective  Wisdom to resolve differences?  I wonder how we can be helpful to those that will follow us so our children's children might live the Miracle of Peace?  (See?  I warned you that I'm a shameless idealist!!!) 

Blessings and Warmest Regards to All of You!!!


Yea! I am wondering how to bring this style of communication into the biz world. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi everyone, 

I am from Trinidad and currently living in Nottingham, UK pursuing an MSc. in Management Psychology. One of my professors introduced me to the World Cafe website through a workshop we had. I love the entire concept of the cafe because I truly believe that amazing things can happen through effective communication and collaboration.  For my thesis, I want to investigate the knowledge creation and transfer in organisations so I'm interested in learning more about the World Cafe Model.

I really like having new experiences, would like to do a whole lot more travelling and baking is one of my hobbies (haven't done much in a while though). I am passionate about people discovering and functioning in their strengths and also having an enjoyable and balanced life. 

Hi Lavonne,

Welcome to the World Cafe community!  You can find more people from England (or the Caribbean) here in the on-line community by using the "advanced search" function.....and also join various of the groups that you are interested in.

I'd love to hear more about any experiments you do with the World Cafe as you learn more about it's use.  Look in the Resources section of the website for things that can support your learning and hosting.

Warm regards,



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