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There are people gathering here in the World Cafe community from literally all over the world, and it is so exciting!!! I really want to meet everyone, and I know I'm not alone. Would you please tell us a little about yourself here, just as an introduction, so we can start to learn about each other? Where do you live? How did you learn about the World Cafe? What are your interests and passions?

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Thanks Juanita, great to be welcomed. I have posted some info on storynet.



Hi Everyone

I live in Derbyshire, England where, with several inspirational friends in my rural village we are hosting our first World Cafe next week to discuss how we can come together as a community to develop a healthy and active place to live and work. We're holding 2 events and have almost 40 people attending to discuss ideas and formulate a plan to get people moving - together! We're really excited by the response we've had so far and hope to make a significant difference to the lives of all people here in Crich

I'm passionate about sport, physical activity and the benefits to community life - social, health and economic -  and became interested in World Cafe through my work which involves training and professional development for people working in the sports industry (Podium Training and Development). In searching for 'powerful questions' for a workshop I was running I came across the World Cafe concept and ordered the book. I love the concept of having conversations that matter and spend much of my time seeking these out!

We're really looking forward to seeing World Cafe in action and hope to use this approach to develop healthy and active communities across Derbyshire through the Community Sports Trust. Through discussion and reflection, we've developed 5 key questions around health and well being and we'll see where it takes us!

Best wishes


Hi Andrea,

Welcome!  We, too, live in a rural village in the mountains of North Carolina so I'd love to hear how your event goes there.

With warm regards and best wishes for your gathering,


Thanks Juanita

We'll let you know how it goes. It's great to make the connection between worldwide rural villages!

Best wishes


Hi Amy,
Thank you for maintaining this online community. I have not visited it for a while and am very pleased that it is continuing and great to meet all the people who are joinng ... the World Cafe is presious to me. I first came accross it and Janita at a Pegasus event in San Francisco in 2005. I did some work with a large group in Romania with it and found it a fabulous process and a great way for people 'Thinking Together'. My background has been in dialogue workshops which I learnt from a dear friend Evan Root who I believe is also part of this community. You were conducting some world wide conference calls a while back which I very much enjoyed and wonder if you will be organising any more, I would love to join in. Thanks again.


My name is Lorraine (say “Loren”).  I live in Paris (yes I’m French) and after 15 years of experience both in the private and public sectors, I’m doing research and networking in order to start a new career as a facilitator –eventhough it’s not a common job in France !

My professional life includes 10 years in the telecom industry, first as a “Big Five" consultant and later as an economic expert with the French regulator.  I was involved in a number of international assignments and what I remember the most are the seminars and workshops I had the opportunity to work on during that time.

Then I lived in the US (second time, the first being my year abroad at Georgetown University), where I worked on 2 different topics: I helped the migration service of Philadelphia (organization, fundraising, help to refugees) and immigration lawyers (translation for asylum seekers).  I also became project manager for writer Tom Reiss, while he was working on a book that was published last September, “The Black Count.”  I kept working for Tom when I moved back to Paris.

After a few months with a small consulting firm when I decided to get involved in change management, I’m not narrowing my focus: I’m thinking I might start a new business as a facilitator.  You have to know that there are very few facilitators in France and we still have to explain their role to potential clients!

I’m wondering whether I should take Amy’s course starting in February, it might be a plus to convince corporations to rely on my skills. 

I love meeting new people and new ideas, which is one more reason for me to get involved in the world of facilitation.  I'll be happy to keep reading what other members of the World Café community have to tell. :)

Hi Lorraine and Kathleen,

Great to see you here.  Lorraine, I know you'd be a great addition to the course Amy is hosting, and would also, of course, add more weight to your facilitation work in addition to all of the wonderful things you've already done!

And Kathleen, how wonderful to know that we connected so many years ago at Pegasus and that you are still finding the World Cafe valuable.

With warmest regards,


Hi, I'm Ann, living near the Northsea at Ostend, Belgium. I enjoy as much as possible the beautiful sunsets, as the rain as well ;-). In deep connection with nature I live and experience it deeply with all my senses. In my personal and professional life you will know me as a cultural creative: fostering new participation methods in the company and organisations I am part of. Back to basics, gardening, veggie, downsizing use of energy, consuming less, swapping goods and services, local products and services, initiating a company garden and orchard, , etc ...
My mission and passion exists about helping professionals and my environment in developing a more ecological and sustainable way of doing business, organising labour, lifestyle ... As such I am always interested to get in touch with people with the same mission ...

I just joined the distance learning course of World Café, and it gives a lot of energy to be connected with people all over the world, looking for the same thing: how can we bring people to change, by more participation and organic workmethods.

Waow, we are all part of a community now! Great! Hope we all together can fertilize with our knowledge and shared passions, as a bunch of bees flying from flower to flower :-)

Welcome Ann!

It's wonderful to have you here - I share your orientation of a deep connection with nature as the basis of this (and all) work, and am very happy to hear the clear and energetic way you are articulating your perspective.

You may want to connect with some like minded people in the "permaculture" group, which is here :


Hi  everyone

The focus of my work (paid and unpaid) is community engagement and (unpaid) sustainability. In my paid work I'm a lecturer in community engagement at the Family Action Centre, The University of Newcastle (Australia), and focus on community engagement and asset-based community-driven development. I teach a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate subjects (on community engagement, community capacity building, and school-community partnerships), do research relating to the practice of strengths-based work with communities, and support a variety of other groups/organisations in their work with communities. I still think of myself as more of a practitioner than an academic. Outside of work I am the convenor of Transition Newcastle, take an active role in my the P&C (Parent's and Citizens Association) of my daughters' schools,  and write a blog ( on community engagement, sustainability and the strengths perspective. I've been happily married to Cathy for almost 30 years and we have two wonderful daughters (Jasmine 12 and Alexa 9). (Cathy, Jasmine and Alexa have recently started Kids' Vegies on the Verge, a community garden for kids in our street, and it has been fascinating watching community engagement in action.)

I was introduced to World Cafe by a colleague (Dee Brooks who is a member here) and participated in Art of Training in 2010. I love the process of World Cafe (and to a lesser extent Open Space) and have used them in various contexts including workshops, uni classes, Transition Newcastle and planning.

I recently facilitated a World Cafe at my daughters school as part of a visioning process (there's a fairly detailed description of what we did HERE) and today I am running a workshop for uni lecturers on using World Cafe and Open Space in teaching.

I'm looking forward to exploring this community of learning and seeing if there are discussions about a couple of topics I'm interested in (e.g., I always seem to have quite short conversations and wonder about the implications of this). If there aren't any, I might start one.


I love your energy, Graeme! Please do start a conversation (or group) if there isn't one you want to join. It's great to have new people join with such vitality and diverse interests!

Hi Amy and Everyone ! I live in the US...New England...Massachusetts...Fall River ( about 1 hour south of Boston) to be exact. I am a student in the Critical and Creative Thinking program at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. I stumbled across this site during my research of the Circle of Seven and Dr. Anne Dosher. I am excited to learn from my experiences here. I also hope that I might contribute as well. I have 21 years experience as a dental hygienist and have earned a BA in Psychology. Presently, I am more than half way through my MA and hope to pursue a Mental Health Counseling post graduate certificate as my next goal. My free, fun  time, is spent playing with oil paints and clay; albeit, I am quite the novice. I am a mother of twin 13 year old daughters. Recently, I discovered that one of my daughters and her friends were self harming. NSSI, non suicidal self injury, is a mental health issue and apparently an unhealthy trend among adolescents. With the facilitation of my coursework I am attempting to bring an awareness about this trend to our community. I will keep you posted!

Best wishes to all!



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