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There are people gathering here in the World Cafe community from literally all over the world, and it is so exciting!!! I really want to meet everyone, and I know I'm not alone. Would you please tell us a little about yourself here, just as an introduction, so we can start to learn about each other? Where do you live? How did you learn about the World Cafe? What are your interests and passions?

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Hi Kerri,

Welcome!  How great to know that you've been interested in the Circle of Seven and Anne Dosher.  She has served for many years as the "elder" of the World Cafe and is a dear colleague and friend.  It's wonderful to have you with us.   Explore the site and see what groups you might find interesting as well.

With warm regards,

Juanita Brown

Thank you, I am new to this so I was curious to what my next step might be. I will look into groups of interest. I do worry I have little to contribute but I am aware I have much to learn. I am excited!

Thank you for your welcome,


In the very early 2000's or 1999, I had the experience of a World Cafe with Dr. Juanita Brown either at a Noetic Sciences, ASTD, or OD Network Conference. I lost touch after some medical issues stopped me in my tracks.  Regaining health and after a move, I determined to get back on track.  This past May 2015, I had an remarkable  experience during the 2 hours each of 3 days and another 2 hours-1 day with Amy Lenzo and planned to delve into the learnings and teachings of World Cafe.
What knowledge, skills or resources would you like to contribute to the World Café community to help it grow and flourish?
I am experienced in teaching Dialogue which includes mirroring and validating each individual's communication according to the Imago Relationship model for couples and in Communologue (Group Dialogue). I am a Ph.D. in Social-Clinical Psychology and have a MA in Mythological Studies. I am a LMFT (CA) and Certified Research Psychoanalyst (CA). I am a certified advanced Imago Therapist and certified Imago Workshop Presenter for Couples and Individuals.
What would you most like to receive from this community?
To become trained and proficient in offering World Cafes. My primary and immediate interest is in Climate Change. My additional interests are in Education, World Health. Racial equality. I would appreciate opportunities to work with Communities, Organizations, Schools, Government, in real-time preferably in person and also online.
Would you like to share a Web or Blog address?
My Web address is
I would like to participate as part of a team and to gain as much experience as possible in all venues. I have loved studying Mythological Studies and Cultural History. My B.A. from UCLA was in Cultural and Intellectual History. My MA from Pacifica focused on Women's Studies, Ecology, and Religions (Buddhism primarily). I am a mother of 4 daughters (one struggling with an Emotional Challenge, another physically handicapped), and grandmother of 5. A sustainable and safe planet and environment for all future generations is of paramount importance to me.

Hi Janis!

How wonderful to have you join the World Cafe community!  You have such a wonderful diversity of relevant experiences that I know you will make a great contribution. Welcome back after all these years since our first Cafe together.....

Where are you living these days?  

With warm regards and best wishes,


Dear Juanita:

How lovely to hear from you. 

We are currently living in Santa Clarita, CA, having moved here from Ojai in 2011 to be close to our twin grandsons who needed adult supervision at the time.  The boys were going down the wrong path, driven by testosterone and lack of parental supervision.  They are doing much better now and we can get back to addressing the other passions and concerns that "require" our energy.

I am thoroughly enjoying your dissertation as well as reading the book.  I am very excited to get out in the community and the world,  to engage in this wonderful work you birthed. 

I hope we join paths and perhaps can participate in your endeavor.

Warmest regards and abundant blessings,

Janis McCann

Hello Amy Lenzo and everybody. What We got here is a 70 year old Euro Male who lives in Sonora, California. I'm not exactly sure how I learned about "World Cafe"m but it must have happened through Tom Atlee and the "Co-Intelligence Institute" in Oregon. That site has a lot of kindred links and I think I found "World Cafe" there.

Basically, my strongest interests and passions keep me busy in the United States and in New Tribal Wilderness.

In America, I advocate and work for Human Evolution to a point where We can govern Ourselves in "Direct Democracy". I write articles and make comments about this, mostly in "Op Ed News"...a Progressive web site.

When I return to my basic and core focus of New Tribalism, I try to write about the many aspects of  Tribal Culture Building; social structure, philosophy, spiritual beliefs, language, morality and techniques of living in a wilderness environment. Nature has been a wonderful source of strength for me.

I guess this is enough for an introduction.

Hello everybody,

I have joined not long ago and my name is Oliver Brendel. I'm a scientist in a French research organisation. The past two years I have become increasingly interested in alternative methods for presenting/teaching, for creative problem solving, for meetings and discussion groups. I have had the chance to do some training in Creative Problem Solving and visual storytelling, and I have broached methods such as Mind Mapping and Sketch Noting. I have recently discussed with a group of people the use of the World Café method and we have run one test (only 12 people :-) and one actual application (~participants) . I have bought the book and am actually working my way through it and with colleagues we are interested to see how we can apply the World Café in a research environment. I'm also interested in similar approaches but that can be used with smaller groups.

I'm very curious about all that I will be able to discover in this online community. And perhaps there will also be an occasion that I can join in the discussions.


Hi Oliver,

How wonderful to "meet" you here.  There is a book being written about the World Cafe as a research methodology.  You should contact either one of the two following people about that:

Both of them, along with Amy Lenzo, ( the World Cafe's global coordinator have been very involved in this arena.  

And, in France you might want to contact Pierre Goirand ( or as he knows many practitioners in France and is a long time World Cafe pioneer.

With warm best wishes for your endeavors,

Juanita Brown

Co-Founder, the World Cafe

Dear Juanita,

thank you very much for your warm welcome. I had bought the "World Café" book with mild interest, have become captivated through the first practical chapters and am now enthusiastic.  Thank you very much for such an enthralling book with so many descriptions of different applications of the concept from many people with different backgrounds and the more theoretical analyses you give based on these experiences. Even though we have only done "half" a World Café (90 minutes, two rounds, no direct harvest, but sharing through email) with a group of scientists, the resulting discussions were very fruitful and we are  impatient to try again.

Thanks for the email addresses, I had already stumbled over Pierre Goirands webpage through the Leadership Embodiement technique by Wendy Palmer, but as usual, he is in Paris and I'm nearly at the most Eastern border of France :-). there is no French version of the book in work, no ? Some of my colleagues are not very proficient in reading English. And I'm clearly looking forward to a book about the use of World Café in a science environment.

I think I have also forgotten to introduce my passions : other than my family, doing something against climate change is clearly on top of the list. And learning (and trying to apply ;-) to communicate better (Nonviolent Communication, Social Styles, TA, Kommunikationstraining by Vera Birkenbihl, a very well known German communication trainer  etc) comes second. And workwise, my ResearchGate profile sums is probably up :

Best wishes


Thank you Oliver,

I'm so glad you are enjoying the book and hope it can be of support in your work.  There is not yet a French translation, although it's in 13 other languages, including Chinese :-)  Might you like to translate it?  Or, you might want to translate the Cafe to Go guide or just the Hosting or other chapters that you think your colleague could benefit from.

Warm wishes!



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