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There are people gathering here in the World Cafe community from literally all over the world, and it is so exciting!!! I really want to meet everyone, and I know I'm not alone. Would you please tell us a little about yourself here, just as an introduction, so we can start to learn about each other? Where do you live? How did you learn about the World Cafe? What are your interests and passions?

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I live in Krakow, Poland where I manage LlifeScience Cluster Initiative - the network of institutions and people from different fields (science and education, business, health care, government) devoted to the development of innovations in life science field. We are mission driven and one of the goals is to build the life science community. For over 10 years I have been involved as the consultant in many projects aimed at developing "learning organizations" at strategic level. Do not remember when I learned about WC for the first time - surely it was in conjunction to studying "systems thinking" and "systems dynamics". I participated for the first time in the WC event during Systems Thinking in Action Conference in San Diego in 2000. Since then I organized several events of this type, mainly as my consulting projects.

I do implement the tools and methods of learning organizations in the strategic framework of LifeScience Cluster Krakow.
I´m Jan-Erik Kristoffersen living in the northern part of Norway(beyond the Polar Circle) and have been living as a consultant and facilitator in my own company, IdeSmia AS for nearly 4 years. Actually I have created my own title; "IdeaSmith". I have broad experience in various fields as product development/ innovation, marketing/sales, business strategy and managment/leadership - and have been working in different branches over the years. I have had leader roles for more than twenty years. 5 years ago I had a wonderful experience - joining a year of University study here in Harstad. The "experimental" study was called "Creative Leader- and entrepreneurship". The study gave me the tools and my working experience, my network and my personal mentor gave me the "courage" to start my own business.
The last 4 years I´ve been working with "creative problemsolving", business development, strategy, design and giving lectures in creative leadership for organizations, hospitals and companies.
I´m doing "process design" and facilitation for difficult problemsolving cases, based on my lesson of life: "Every organization, group and company has the skills, the creativity and the experience to solve any problem arising - but most of them don´t know how to make use of the total "brain-force" within".

I love to facilitate people to find their own solutions to important issues and problems - the energy from a group in "flow" is often the best payment a man could get...

The World Café I came across in my study at the university and I´ve successfully used it as a tool and arena for larger groups( Have faciltated 180 people in one process). I have used material I greatfully have found on the community web, and also written material from books and cases - and then added my own experience. Discussions with other experienced faciltators and my mentor has also helped me in difficult cases.

Love to meet peers and new friends across the world - meeting new people and learn from others - is what life is about...!?
Yes, Jan Erik! Thank you.
My name is Alida and i work in the Academic Skills Unit (ASK) at the University of Portsmouth. I learnt about the World Cafe as the Technology faculty ran a discussion event at its summer learning and teaching conference. I got involved by being a table host. I like being able to interact with people and share ideas. I don't think I have any burning passions, but I do enjoy practising Yoga, listening to world music (live and recorded), talk radio and travelling. I also enjoy knowing when I have been able to help people learn - there is a moment when something positive has happened, like a key unlocking a door.
Hi Amy, hi all,

What a great initiative, this online community. Just a little about myself. I live in the Netherlands, I work as a self-employed consultant/facilitator/writer/researcher/teacher/trainer in the field of participative change processes in organisations (whish I could explain that more simple to my kids). I learned about the World Café through internet and articles when I was asked in 2004 to develop a training course for consultants in the education sector. They wanted to learn more participative ways to involve their clients in strategy development. I participated in the World Café in Vienna in 2005, hosted by Juanita and David during the SoL Global Conference. I still benifit from the new relations with people I met there. It realy works! Since then I got deeper and deeper into Large Scale Intervention methods. I give training for consultants, work as a facilitator for organisations, and I am doing scholarly research at Tilburg University about success factors and effects of LSI, including World Café, Future Search, Open Space and hybrids. When does it bring sustainable change? When is it worth the effort? How do you know? I am working on an assessment/evaluation instrument. If you are interested: you can follow this research on Comments and ideas are welcome.
My hobbies are playing the piano, singing, reading books and playing internet poker. The last one turns out to be very good exercise in containing anxiety :).
Your research is of great interest. I hardly know you and like you already!! This is exactly what I want to help our business leaders learn and embrace. Do you have a sign-up to get alerts of your progress?
Hey Amy, wow - it's so great to meet all this different people from all over the world here in this space! Thank you so much for this!

Here my short introduction: My name is Sabine, I live with my husband and our 2 kids in Dresden, Germany. I'm half German half Italian and working as architect spezialised in Lighting Design.

I met the World-Café-World in 2007 here in Dresden at the Dresden Gathering. I 'm deeply touched by seeing, what can emerge when many people listen carefully to each other and get into dialogue, begin to talk to each other in this new, old way. When my husband began to host World Cafés I asked myself, if I can try to record. I've seen Chris Chopyak and Ulric Rudebeck here in Dresden recording the Gathering - and this was so amazing!!! so vibrant, supporting, clearing thoughts, a very powerful tool - there it was - a common language beyond different languages!!! So I started to work as a graphic recorder myself - and now I love this work - I love it so much, that I'm going through this new business door and I've started to offer the services of graphic recording from 2008 and with the beginning of this year in collaboration with Chris Chopyak we are offering workshops on this themes.

I feel this like my contribution to the whole. :-) And I'm here - curious and open to learn from others experiences and sharing my experiences.

warm greetings from Dresden
I live in the Inland Empire in San Bernardino just east of Los Angeles. I am a trainer with over 30 years experience in IT and Organizational Development. I currently teach Communications, Leadership, and Teambuilding courses for a local University Extension program. I work with a national mentoring program and I will be concluding a year of service as an AmeriCorps member. I have assisted community and faith-based organizations with strategic planning and capacity-building. I believe in the ability of people to reach their potential and achieve their dreams and I believe that communities like the World Cafe can help in that process in many different ways. I first encountered the cafe at a planning seminar for nonprofits about three years ago and I am excited to have this opportunity. I am looking foirward to learning from each of the people in this community and I hope I can make some contributions that help others as well.
Hi Antoinette,
This is Juanita Brown here--co-founder of the World Cafe and long time friend (more than 30 years!) and collaborator with Emmett. I know he'll be excited to hear of your wonderful thoughts abut his work. You can contact him directly via e-mail at: Emmett Miller
with warm regards and best wishes,
Juanita, reading the book was like lighting a fire! Experiencing and doing World Cafe is changing my world. Thank you!
hi everyone Im Diane Nance-kivell and i am passionate about living life and experiencing the wonders of being a human being.

Im curious about lots of aspects of life and am lucky to be able to sample them. I make music, love to dance, have a great vege patch and orchard and have recently returned from being in Morocco the last 2 years and before in Scotland in the Findhorn Foundation Community.

I love my work -yoga and meditation teacher, lifeskills coach, educator for NSW Institute of technical and further education and custodian of a property in the very green and lush Tweed Valley in northern nsw. Lots of travellers have heard of Byron Bay -Im 1/2hour from there. looking forward to connecting with this community
see ya
Hello, I'm Martine Vanremoortele from Antwerp, Belgium.
I'm a crew member of new shoes today.

New shoes today is a growing number of soulmates in business who give support to people and organisations on their road to creation, innovation and change. Together with clients we take on 21st century challenges. Our values: open - drive - unity - fun - care - today.

I'm working in the field of coaching ( creativity coaching, meaning coaching), facilitation (creative sessions) and hosting.

I'm fascinated by curiosity, wonder and the power of questions.
Some time ago I developed a 'game' - meandering meaningful conversations, which is based on the archetype of the labyrinth and powerful questions around creation.

I hope to contribute to this growing community.




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