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It was suggested that I cross-post this here to get a few more eyeballs...

I am fascinated by and passionate about the idea of playing with our ability to "stretch and collapse time and space" using virtual tools, and with what this might imply about ways to innovate dialogic process.

In virtual realms, time can be stretched, as many people participate in a conversation by posting at widely varied intervals, and it can also be collapsed, with the potential for everyone to essentially "talk at once."

Similarly, we can gather across vast distances of space, bring together multiple in-person gatherings, or link to and build upon the energy of an in-person gathering using virtual tools.

All of this is in play in the current national conversation "experiment" I am hosting on "Poverty and Wealth in America," in partnership with the National Dialogue Network, and YOU are invited! You might think of it as a sort of "deconstructed World Cafe."

Ways to engage include:

  • post ideas online (spend just a few minutes, or engage on an ongoing basis)
  • join a MaestroConference call (10/12, 10/29 and 10/31)
  • gather your own small group (like a single table in a WC) for one or more rounds, either in person (great excuse to meet friends for dinner or coffee!) or via conference call, Google Hangout, etc.

See this event posting for more details, or simply go to

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