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I am a poet and a Marine Corp. veteran here in Florida in the United States. I write about the insatiable appetite Empires have had for wars throughout history. The United States is no different. Of course it is always the powerless that pay the price of these for these adventures.

I am curious if the World Community could make a difference or maybe even slow down the rapid expansion of International Corporation's traction into governments all over the world in recent years. They have adversely affected the rainforests, drinking water, food supply, etc.

It seems like a reasonable thing to consider.

I have attached one of my recently award winning poems:

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Hi Don...

Welcome!! Are you familiar with Occupy Cafe?  If not, check out where very interesting Cafe dialogues are happening on the Maestro Conference Platform. It's a very thoughtful conversation about the issues you are raising.

Warm regards,


Thank You! I have decided to name my next child after you ...even if it is a boy.

Hello Don,

If enough people speak, then others have to listen, or as Gandhi put it "A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

However, as you know people have been protesting against war for a long time and yet they still continue.

On the evidence of history, it would seem there will always be wars but if we use history to justify what happens in the future then mankind will continue to do all sorts of abominable things.

In my view mankind is evolving and although we have advanced very quickly technologically in past decades, we as a race are still quite primitive. After all, it is only 60 years since the last world war and look what happened there? If we consider a teenager, how strong and smart they seem to be but how emotionally immature they are, then really this is how we are as a race. I'm sure one day but not in our lifetime man will evolve beyond war.

You've obviously experienced war upfront and personal, which is what most people don't. Therefore most people are ambivalent about war unless they experience it first hand.

I have recently written a book call Life, Love & Dying. The book consists of ten separate chapters looking at life, love, sex, money, health, aging, work, democracy, God and death but I never thought about writing a chapter about war. Maybe I should? If you care to have a looking you can download it free at

Your poem is very deep and profound - thanks




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