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Looking for a World Cafe facilitator and graphic recorder for an event in San Diego June 23



My name is Joann Hoffman. I have participated in several World Cafes' and hail from Juanita Brown's graduate University, Fielding. I am looking for a facilitator for a last minute event at the University of California San Diego. We have a some good questions, about 20-25 people and need an outside facilitator and graphic recorder for the event. THIS IS A PAID GIG!!!!!


I need someone savy as most of these folks are scientists and educators and are not familiar with World Cafe...This has the possibility of spreading to other similar initiative across the country where folks are funded to get students from poverty schools to dream about the future and hopefully post secondary options and high school success.


 Did you know California is the 48th out of 50 (being the lowest) in science proficiency scores among 8th graders?


Come help us dream a better future! I will pay you.



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I am going to be in the area next week (driving down from San Francisco to LA) so this is a possibility. I have lots of experience since the early days of the World Café and am a visual recorder as well as facilitator. I often play both roles and am also happy to play one or the other. Please call me on my cell 650 219 3522 if you want to discuss this further or email

Nancy Margulies
Also -- Michelle Boos is a great graphic recorder in the San Diego area. She has trained several local graphic recorders, too, so there may be someone local who can do graphics for you.
thanks Nancy,

I did get in touc with Michelle and a recorder who are going to help. Thanks for your reply!



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