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We had a really juicy Community Cafe conversation last week on an open topic with questions focused on drawing out of what has been engaging us recently.

There has already been some thinking on a good topic for the March Community Cafe (click here for more information, and to register).

Here's what I took from the group "wall":

Wilfried Wilkins, Feb 3:

End poverty - Wouldn´t that be a brilliant theme for one of the next WC?!

Ria Baeck, Feb 4:

and what has ending poverty to do with the production of food, our own relationship with food and the land; and then what have World Café practitioners to do with that?

Where would YOU like to take this topic? Is something sparked for you by what Wilfried and/or Ria said? Are there other topics you'd like to explore in March's Community Cafe?

Add your voice below.

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Amy, at the March 2011 Comm. Cafe, there was a mention of a place where I could "vote" on what the topic would be for upcoming conversations. Can you give me the link to that page so I can cast my vote for April's Cafe topic? I'm having a hard time finding it on this site. Also, I'd love to see the graphic recording for March's topic.

Somehow I'm missing finding a general "search" box for the site's topics too...does it exist?  Thanks in advance!

Hi Franis,

I'm so sorry to have taken so long to reply to your questions... Somehow I missed your post.

The "voting" you're referring to was done as part of the process during the March Community Cafe because there was such varied conversation here about a topic - one clear topic didn't emerge for us to develop, so we decided to take the four main topics being discussed and let whoever showed up for the March Cafe make a decision about what we should address that day.

So, I'm afraid there is no place to go to vote for April's topic. We'll decide it on the call tomorrow morning, since there hasn't been much conversation here about it.

The graphic recording for March is with the rest of the story in StoryNet (that's where all the Word Cafe stories are - sometimes you will see a link to those stories that are specifically about the online community Cafes here in this group, but the stories are always posted in StoryNet).

As for a search box on the site - it's on every page at the top, far right of the red bar you'll see across the top of the page.

I hope that was helpful! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow in the community Cafe!



I'd like to take it local and then global. I wonder who is hungry in my fairly affluent but eclectic neighborhood.
That is a great question, Mary. Things are not always what they appear at first glance.


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