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More visual images to use for World Cafe introductions -- see attached for more images

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Nancy I posted all of your graphics on the Fielding Graduate University Forum site with a suggestion that if anyone was looking for a wonderful graphic recorder to visit The World Cafe Community and contact you. There are many Fielding folks who do cafe work so maybe this will be a benefit to you. Again I love your work. I wish you the best this weekend. Take care.

Hi John -- thanks so much! I would love to work with the folks at Fielding. I did one even there several years ago and would welcome more opportunities. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Awesome visuals Nancy !
Beatiful Nancy. Where could I get tips on how to encourage people to draw and how to use the drawings to have conclusions? Many thanks in advance.
Hi Carlos,

I agree with you, Nancy's visuals are indeed beautiful. In response to your questions, I have a few ideas that I have used with good results. In the front end of the Cafe and as part of a very brief introduction to the process (supported by a few graphic/visuals) I explain that doodling and drawing is part of the documentation/memory of the experience. I also frame it as one among other ways of learnings. Kinesthetic and visual learners usually relate to it very quickly. As for generating conclusions, I have used the drawings as part of a "gallery walk," or as central to a session of collective sharing, or in a kind of market place for learnings where people from different tables set up their booths to tell the story behind the drawings. All of these are usually followed by a final whole group session of harvesting or final reflections.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the images about the essence of World Cafe. They are so beautiful.
you are welcome. Let me know what other introductory phrases you'd like added to the pack. N
Thank you very much for these wonderfull images!
Beautiful images, Nancy
I almost can use then down here in Brazil
Warm regards

First of all, thank you for your generosity. The images are wonderful and convey beautifully the emotion associated with each of the "practices." They actually create a disposition to do the practices either listen to learn or others. Thanks again.

Maria de los Angeles Cinta
es me placer

Are the sources of these pictures still available? im only asking because it has been two years since the last comment and I am having some difficulties viewing these!

Thanks all!

PS: my first post, very excited to start dialogueing in other threads :)


EDIT: hah, seemed to be a problem on my end, these images are great!! thanks for your genorosity Nancy, i love this style.


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