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I am new to the community. I need assistance in navigating the web site  - to be able to contribute meaningfully to the community.


Thanks for your help in advance.

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Welcome Moe,
I'm not very knowledgeable about how to navigate the site....but look forward to getting to know more about yu and your interests. How did you learn about the World Cafe, and what are your best hopes for how we might all be of support?

With warm regards,
Juanita Brown
Co-Founder of the World Cafe
Juanita –
Thanks for your response. I learned of World Café in one of my graduate classes, but I was unable to explore the site at the time. I co-founded an organization called Education for HOPE ( and we do work in Africa – currently in Sierra Leone.

My goal is to bring awareness to issues that currently plaque Africa and to harness knowledge from the community (World Café) on how to address them and to develop sustainable measures. In addition, I would like to share my experience and insight with the community and contribute to many topics – help it grow.
wonderful! And good luck on your great work.
Have you looked through the groups here to see which ones might interest you to be a part of? Go to the groups section and then you can see what different explorations are going on.

AND, by using the advanced search you can put in Africa or Sierra Leone and see who are members from Africa. OR, via their interests (I think!).

You can ask Benjamin Degenhart ( for support in using the site--he's our new World Cafe intern from Denmark working with the site.

Hi Juanita --
Thank you so much for the feedback.

I will contact Benjamin.

Have a terrific day.




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