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Dear all

I'm Belgian (small country  lost between France and The Netherlands; at least, bigger than Luxemburg), living in Ottignies (small town of +/- 15.000 souls), and work in Brussels within the European Institutions. This challenging working environment oblige sus all to continuously look for innovative ways of conducting meetings, knowledge sharing or brainstorming on various topics. There's been recently a movement towards participatory leadership management techniques which I find inspiring, but I was also looking for an openness to outsiders who also practise this World Café. Indeed, when you work for an organisation counting around 40.000 staff, you tend to, at some point, loose sight of what's happening outside this organisation. Fortunately, our management realises this and gives us this possibility. So, here am I connecting with you all to extend my knowledge and satisfy my never-e,ding curiosity for new ways of working with colleagues.

Looking forward to networking with you all.



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Hello Joelle, I see nobody responded so far to you. I'm Ria, living in Belgium, and being a steward in the Art of Hosting community. There is a similar Ning site for that community  - and even a Group on that site of people inside the Commission.

It is really great that you reach out and look outside the organisation!

With love,




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