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Hi Folks - Any suggestions for more ways to get involved and learning more about World Cafe?  I'm open to about anything - helping someone plan a Cafe, participate in person or virtually, etc.

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It might be helpful to know where you are based Kelly... somewhere on the planet... and how new you are to the methodology or have some experience or ...
Hi Ria - I'm in Evanston, Illiois, just outside of Chicago. I am somewhat new to World Cafe, but have been using systems interventions for about 10 years on and off. Open to your thoughts!
Welcome, Kelly!

You have come to the right place! Participating in the conversations and groups in the community is a great way to start. I would suggest introducing yourself in the "Introductions" area and also asking your question there. Do a sort in the "People" section for community members who live in Chicago. You might try Maria de los Angeles Cinta. She is a very experienced TWC host, bilingual and recently moved to Chicago. Check out her profile.

I would also suggest browsing the many hosting guides,articles and of course the original book,
The World Café: Shaping Our FuturesThrough Conversations That Matter
by Juanita Brown and David Isaacs with the World Café Community

Keep an eye on the Calendar here and subscribe to the TWC newsletter. The newest edition will be coming out at the end of November. If you have other questions, just ask!

Warmest Wishes,
The materials I mentioned can be found in the "Resources" section of the website.



I have one!

Speaking of collective activities, I keep wondering that the science, dynamics, kinetics, mathematics, architecture and overall patterns are worthy to be considered as well. In the case of conversations and intellectual interactions among humans, like this one over the World Café, the types of emergent activities, might exceed the expectations. If you would know who is involved with the system science aspects of these discussions, please let me know. Best, Alireza

Hi Ali! haven't got to read your paper yet, thanks again for it.


much resonating with your wondering :) even so i am not an expert in the domains you name, i feel attracted to utilize them to increase the "social value" of this Online Community and social technologies in general both online and inlife.

Did you see what is going on in the group "Caring for this Online Community"? i'd love to invite your thoughts on what i wrote here...

on a different, but (at least in me) similar track i also would like to invite your thoughts on this idea i formulated recently:


could you expand a bit on "emergent activities exceeding the expectations"?



Benjamin: Thanks. Some notes below for your consideration;


in the social domain, like all things two things are going on at their own time scale: foreground and background processes that at times the flows can intersect with each other. This is almost like a gestalt view of social currents. In this regard, a lot of analogical thinking from dynamics and math models may help, but to a certain degree.


I'll look up the other two links.

Regards, Alireza



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