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Oral Care Considerations for the non-mechanically ventilated patient



The oral cavity and systemic health: chronic inflammation & medical conditions such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, and neurodegenerative diseases Scannapieco & Cantos, 2016).

Barbara Quinn, RN: “Oral care is not the only risk factor, obviously, but it is the only one that every single patient has when they are in the hospital” (Hospital Infection Control & Prevention, 2018).

Hello! Can you remember being hospitalized and have routine oral care provided for you? If you were unable to get to a sink, could you have brushed your teeth? 

A study by Dr. Shannon Munro indicated that lack of provision of oral care was associated with hospital-acquired pneumonia leading to increased length of stay, increased cost, and poor patient outcomes including death. 

Munro, S., & Baker, D. (2018). Reducing missed oral care opportunities to prevent non-ventilator associated hospital acquired pneumonia at the department of Veterans Affairs. Applied Nursing Research, 44, 48-53.).

This is not merely a concern for elderly and frail patients as young patients are impacted negatively as well!


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Hi Kerri...

I think you've made a mistake as this site has nothing to do with the topic you mentioned but rather with dialogue and community engagement through conversations that matter.  You might want to post this instead on a site that is more relevant to your interests.


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