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invented by Rainer v. Leoprechting and Ria Baeck in 2008, more information here.

you can find the pdf on the Pro Action Café attached. and here an illustration by Sonja Niederhumer:

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here some thoughts on the PAC process that i wrote last month after the Art of Hosting training at YIP in Sweden:

as i like to think in dimensions that are "covered" by questions (or territory scoping placemark invitations) i am seeing the first round as the vertical axe of deepening into the quest and rising into the bigger story. the 2nd round is for me scoping the horizontal axe of what else is there in this field - parallel emergences and knots in the net to weave around. and the 3rd round is the z-axe of evaluating what's there in ressources and investigating into the next steps from there and making the whole thing a personal learning journey at the same time...

what i find powerful about the Pro Action Café is also the notion of having a structure that allows being fully in service! there is something so relieving in not having to have a "balanced" conversation where everyone gets to share their mind-darlings - here its about being in service of the purpose that the project-holder is carrying. so there is something about being fully allowed to help! AND learn so much about yourself in it...

another notion that came to me (in the YIP setting of them living and learning together as a community for one year) when framing the last half day around "stepping out" with the PA Café as main ingredient of the morning - to emphasize this thing of we have an amazing pool of ressources in our community! we can build the rocket plattform together and then shoot the rockets to the moon from there... so to really utilize what we can give each other to support us in reaching out strong and bright into the world. and then broaden the scope from sharing inspiration to community-internal ressources in general, and that could just as well be the energy flow of money... whatever is needed to be in service of the highest potential. together we have it.

also an amazing process to build commitment. people who start out with a vague idea not knowing if they want to carry it on are so glowing and expanding in motivation afterwards... because the purpose in the middle gets louder and more beautiful...
Hi Benjamin...I love these reflections and can't wait to do one myself!
More information is to find on the Art of Hosting Ning site, with the original document and latest that Benjamin shared here. (Please note that right now, early Dec.2010, the page isn't complete at all!!


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