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Hello everyone,

I am looking for suggestions-- Would like to run a first World Cafe event--we have 5 themes and this is for a small credit Union- Participants would be the Leadership and Management. Some questions I have are: Is there a minimum and a maximum number of participants to make a world cafe impactful? Any suggestions on the best process? Appreciate any info- Thank you

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Hi Sharmilla,

Usually we'd say that the minimum number are about 12 (3 tables of 4) and the maximum can be hundreds of people.  For learning about the process, you might want to read our book  The World Cafe: Shaping Our Futures through Conversations that Matter or take a look on our website ( for hosting resources in the resource section.

Without knowing more about the details of your situation,, it's hard to offer specific suggestions on the process.  You might want to put your request out to: where there are many World Cafe practitioners who could offer specific suggestions if you lay out more of the details and specifically what your objectives are and how many people you expect.

Thanks for being part of the World Cafe community!



Thank  you Juanito!.. Yes I will read the book.. review the resources and get back in touch. Thank you so much for the quick response..

thanks and good luck with your project!




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