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The marriage of logos and mythos or how to create group fields of learning

Last year I met Michael Jones at the ILA conference in Prague, where I participated in a workshop about storytelling, lead by him and others. a Quote from an article he wrote is since that time onmy mind. It's about the "grace of ekstasis - of stepping out from our norm and allowing life to live through us, so that we may experience the ekstasy of our intimate connection to a more enchanted and more than human world." (Michael Jones)

For me the European Salon is one effort to step out of our norms. Inviting body soul and heart into a dialogue with each others and thus creating a group field of learning. I do hope, that our living room, which offers lots of instruments and our garden will enable a very special meeting, where logos and mythos get reconnected again and we prepare ourselfs for the new face of community.  I do invite everyone, who feels attracted to this concept to explore it with us in Egensbach at the 2. European Salon ( or join us here and share your experience with worldcafe and inviting logos and mythos to reunite, how to create this intimate connection to a more enchanted and more than human world.

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Can you share the article of Michael Jones too? That would really be helpful to me.
Happy to do so. File is attached
Thanks Ilona!



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