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The story of Dialogue Bar - world cafe community in Japan

I organize world cafe community in Japan .

Name is "Dialogue Bar"

I started this community in 2008 april.
I held world cafe in CAFE at tokyo.
and , for 1 year I held 14 times .
500 peple come to my worldcafe.

and , from my partcipant 4 new worldcafe community was created - Education , Social Inovation , Region and New Culture .

I attach a file ,The Story of Dialogue Bar.
This is the story of my community in 1st year.

I hope my story to be resorce for this community .

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Dear Yuuya,
I was so touched and honored to receive your story. It is a simply beautiful example of what is possible when a person is caring from the heart about what might unfold to make a better world. The "fractal" way in which your World Cafe friends community is unfolding is truly beautiful to behold, and I love the pictures you shared...especially the graphics in Japanese!

Thank you very much for sharing with this community....and I hope that perhaps this story can find it's way into the World Cafe global newsletter as well....

With my warm regards and very best wishes,
Dear Juanita

Thank you for writing comment.

I am so glad to receive your heartful comment.
If my story would be shered by newsletter and others , I am so happy.

Is there something I can do for you and this communiy ?

please use this files and Dialogue Bar's Story freely.

thank you.
most regard ,

Great Yuuya!
Thanks so much for sharing your story about Dialog Bar like this way. I was sooo touched and so proud of myself as a person who has some experience to join the bar. I deeply appreciate your great talent as a "connecter" which make it possible to unite people into one common field. Thanks for being there and here and please take care of yourself for a while.
Dear Toshiko,
Can you share a little bit of what made you become interested in the World Cafe and your experiences. I'm very excited about what seems to be happening in Japan and would love to learn more about what is unfolding there.
With warm regards,
Juanita Brown
Toko !!
Thank you for writing comment.

I am so happy !!

You and Kanae is great mentor for me.
and , I am happy that you always join my community and help me.

thank you.


I came across these photos you posted, which I believe are illustrating this Dialogue Bar World Cafe, right?

Thank you!

Yes that's right !!

thank you Amy.
you are great mentor for this community with me.

I have more photos.
but now I am in hospital , so I can use only very slowly internet...

when I have time , I wil other files .


I am so pround of being a part of this "Dialogue Bar" community, which is growing so quickly not only in Tokyo but also in other local cities in Japan!!! I am so excited to find our stories in this site!

Just to add to Yuuya's comments, as a member of the "local and regional community practice group", I am always touched with the passion each member brings to make things happen. They get together late in the evening after work to discuss what they can do to help out those who wish to start up World Cafe conversations in their own communities. I also am impressed that the group never forgets to respect host communities' autonomies.

I, like many other members, have a sense that Japan might change from here. I am not exaggerating.

Yuuya-san, thanks for taking an initiative in setting up various places for dialogues, and helping us being connected!

Mami Yoda


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