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Hi - I would love to hear from others on top tips to quieten the group so that you can move them on!  Do people use sounding (tinging bells - seems a little "alternative" for some groups), or hand in the air (seems a little formal!), or desperately trying to be heard "OK then, time to move on"... but you need the instruction to be listened to before people start shifting!

This is something I would like to have some tricks up my sleeve, for unwieldy and or particularly chatty / enthusiastic groups!  Great people want to chat, but to move people on can sometimes be tricky!

With best wishes, Kirsti

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Hi Kirsti,

I've found over the years that letting people know in advance that when they need to bring their conversation to a close, I'm going to raise my hand quietly, and whomever first notices it raises their hand as they bring their conversation to a close and that as others notice that, we can create a "wave" of quieting down the room for what will come next--and let them know, with a light touch, that they'll never feel "finished" and that's ok!

That way, they know what to expect and they can become your allies in the "quieting down process"

AND, I loved the graphics and pictures on your website!  Are you a graphic recorder?

Warm wishes!


Thank you Juanita, that sounds like a great approach, especially with the pre-warn that they may not feel "finished"!  And yes, what a great way to enlist everyone in this task, which I have to admit, is not my favourite, being the one that calls a halt to great conversations!  That really helps, thankyou.

And thank you for your comments on my website.  I am a little embarrassed, it is quite out of date, but so lovely to know the overall "feel" still works.  You have prompted me to update!  I am sadly not a graphic recorder, I so admire those that can do this.  I do love images though, particularly using finding metaphor in nature .

With best wishes, Kirsti

Good luck as you continue your experimentation, Kirsti!

Thank you!  I will let you know how I get on!


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