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We want to hear from you about how the World Cafe book or the work of the World Café has made a difference to you...

Hi everyone,

A wonderful opportunity has presented itself and we’d love you to be a part of it. Berrett Koehler (BK), the publisher of our book The World Café: Shaping our Futures Through Conversations that Matter is creating a brand new BK Community online platform for their stakeholders - readers, authors, BK staff, and other leading lights in the publishing industry.

As part of the new community they have built a beautiful global map to show how BK books have effected people around the world. They have asked us to share brief examples/stories of how the World Cafe book or the work of the World Café has made a difference in your life, work, community, or organization to include on this map.

I thought this was a great opportunity to ask you, our community, to offer reflections and, in the process to share your World Café experiences with each other. We’d be most grateful if you could send us your reflections (with your name and location) as soon as possible (the BK Community is launching June 10th), and/or post them below for our mutual learning and enjoyment.

Berrett Koehler is also publishing our most recent article, Conversational Leadership: Thinking Together for a Change (Conversational-Leadership.pdf), authored by Tom Hurley and myself, as one of their Fast Fundamentals Series. They are encouraging us to expand this framework into a short book. Before considering that, we would love your thoughts, feedback and experience in relation to the model we offer here. Please add your feedback to my comment wall here at the on-line community.

Thanks so much truly is the global village of the World Cafe that is raising this “child” and without you, this movement would never have unfolded!



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Dear Friends of the World Café,

I hope everyone is enjoying these first moments of 2011. My beloved wife and partner, Marlucia, and I had the great joy of gathering thousands of wonderful people during 2010, who wanted to be in dialogue around themes that mattered to them. We have so much appreciation for being part of this community and for doing our part to make this world a little better. We are so grateful for having met Juanita and David (and several other fantastic 'cafeists'), who have presented us this process. The World Café book has been a great achievement, for it tells / reminds us important stories on how designing, organizing a café.

Hopefully, we will have a chance to write about these experiences soon, and who knows, be able to collaborate in the next book. Here is a list of our doings in 2010.

a)      Culture of Peace – Secretariat of Education of the State of Ceara (youth, teachers, community leaders, security officers, teachers), 7 cafés,totaling 1,140 participants.

b)      Conflict management between professionals of the Secretariat of Educationof State of Ceara and teachers’ labor union, 1 café totaling 140 participants.

c)       Academic Conference on Edgar Morin, sponsored by Unesco (integration Café), 1 café totaling 850 participants.

d)      III Conference for servants of the judiciary system of the state of Goias, Brazil, focused on creative change and human development (integration café), 1 café totaling 510 participants.

e)   Systematization of norms and procedures for environmental licensing – Secretariat of the Environment of the State of Ceara (coordinators, managers and technical team), 1 café, 60 participants.

f)       Spiritual orientation for children and youth (for the design team and practitioners in the Beneficent Spiritist Uniao do Vegetal), 3 cafés, totaling 500 participants.

g)      Congress of Plantation of Sacred Plants in the Beneficent Spiritist Uniao do Vegetal (integration café) for approximately 650 participants.

h)      II Conference on beneficent (philanthropic / social) work in the BeneficentSpiritist Uniao do Vegetal and its nation-wide units, 1 café, totaling 240 participants.

i)       Many small and mid-size group cafés in Beneficent Spiritist Uniao do Vegetal for several purposes (leadershipdevelopment, planning, management, etc.)


Flavio, I have the great privilege in my role as resource development director for TWC to re-tell stories of what's happening in the world of TWC!  Hearing what you and Marlucia have initiated, inspired, planned and convened for thousands of people in Café, is wonderful.  Thank you both for your amazing work in 2010 and for letting us all know about it.

Until, you get time to write about all these experiences, would you be willing to post some photos or video material for us to see?  I am writing a proposal on the multi-generational World Café work going on around the world for a prize for the World Café Community Foundation.  Some photos of generations talking together would be very much appreciated!

I hear you are coming to the U.S. in February, so please let's plan some time to interview the two of you on video, so many more of us can hear more detail of some of your successes, challenges and outcomes.

More than collecting stories to re-tell, reports on the consistent, engaging and highly impactful World Café work going on in the World helps to sustain the work of our Community Foundation.  This is what funders and investors in The World Café Community Foundation want to hear about!

So, to anyone reading this now, please take a few minutes and write us about your 2010 Cafés!


With amazement and appreciation for all you're doing, Flavio and Marlucia,


And.....Here's to many Inspiring World Cafés in 2011!


Deborah Goldblatt

Director of Resource Development for The World Café Community Foundation





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