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What a pleasure to join the new Cafe community. Here is what is on my mind

Would love to have conversations around what will be a life changing experience. I am starting my PhD in September. I will be attending Fielding Graduate University and earning my PhD in Human and Organization Systems. Juanita has been an inspiration to me in my interest in research including World Cafe work and in my choice of Fielding. Thank you Juanita. I also want to give special thanks to Dave for helping me to embrace my elderhood and to Tom for the feedback to quit looking outside of myself for answers that I can and should find inside. All three have a hand in my decision to move ahead with my PhD and let go of my doubts and commit. I am confident that I can and will make a significant difference in this world and am very excited to continue my journey.

I want to offer a special thank you to Amy for embracing my interest in The World Cafe and offering ideas as I explore my research question for my PhD. Thank you Amy. I hope to have more conversations as I can learn so much from you. And thank you for moving to Ning. A much!!! better platform for this community. Good decision.

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Hi John,
It's my pleasure to have had some small role in nurturing your interest and engagement with the spirit of the world Cafe and it's possibilities in your life and work.

Are there others out there who have an academic or research interest in the World Cafe?? It would be wonderful if we could all get to know eachother and exchange our learnings.

With warm regards,
I''m so glad you are finding it hospitable here, John! I love your ideas and am looking forward with great anticipation to seeing where your research leads you!
LOL Amy so am I. In conversation with all of you wonderful folks is a good start. Who knows what we will learn. Take care Amy. You are appreciated.

Hello, Amy,
I am positively impressed with the ease with which I can navigate this online community space. I am interested in discussing the possibility of you creating one for the Values Technology, Inc Community of Practice primarily to capture the learning.

Please visit our website at

My email is

I would appreciate receiving guidance on next steps for this conversation by email. Many thanks in advance. Warm regards, e
Well Elva I finally found your e-mail here just as you sent it to me. I was a bit dense I guess. You are now on my list. LOL Love your work on cultural assessment. What a great field.

Juanita I really like the idea of an academic or research thread or group. We all could certainly learn from such an endeavor. Let's see if we can get some interest. What are the unanswered questions from the practice of The World Cafe that we need answers to? Who knows where the next great research question could come from. Well worth the conversation. Thank you Juanita.

Hello, Juanita et al!

I certainly have an academic and research attraction for applications of The World Cafe. Please share the questions buzzing around. I am very excited to be part of this community. Saludos! e
It is pleasure to be with you .. good people ... and I love your idea about knowing each other ... I start now ...I have PHD in philosophy .... so my questions are : How can philosophy live in our new world ? and how can philosophy help us to change our life? thanks.
Thank you for your questions. My perception is that philosophy is critical to our new world. In more practical terms, ethics, respect, social justice, and much more can be at the center of the conversation from a philosophical perspective. Enjoy the conversation.

Hello, John,

I may be the newest member of this community as of the early hours of Sunday morning.

I am into my third class at Fielding and loving my experience, my classmates and instructors. If you have any specific questions comments and/or questions you would like to share with me, please email me at

Personally, I believe that your decision to start graduate school is a symptom of life changing in you. Congratulations! Keep us posted on how you are observing yourself in the coming days.

Best wishes. Warmly, Elva

ps. I was invited in my Maria de los Angeles Cinta. I met Juanita and David a long time ago. I. too, am inspired by the fact that The World Cafe was a Fielding Graduate project.
Elva, I most certainly will engage with you. How exciting to having another person following a similar path to talk with. Thank you so much for reaching out. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Dear John,
I love your quest - question. What are life changing experiences?
What was your life changing experience? From the lines I've read, it had soething to do with meeting some people who encouraged to go your way, do your research, equal at which age.
Did I get it right?
My life changing experience was getting to know and love my husband. I had lived as a single parenting mother with my at that time 10 year old girl, another friend and her kid together in town. Since 4 years we, my husband, my daughter and me live out at the countryside at a wonderfull place. He gave me the courage to live a family setting, which I couldn't imagine till I met him and it does work out wonderfully till today. In september we will host a music camp for kids at our house and garden, since music is another love which we have in common.
Curious to hear about other life changing experiences and what they have in common...

Will I see you in october in Austria? It would be nice to continue some of the talks, face to face.

Dearest Greetings


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