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...are we graded on a percentage or a curve? 

Do you have to be religious to be spiritual? Can secular ethics be taught in school?

What is the proper way to load a dishwasher?

What was the first piece of art you ever created, and what inspired you?

Will we ever have world peace, or is humankind naturally violent?

         These are just some of the conversation topics tossed into the hat at a recent Orange County Saturday Salon.  (Saturday Salons are unique conversation salons I created and now help people host)  I would love to invite you to participate in our online Saturday Salon topics, and share your experiences with World Cafe conversations, also. 

         I am a big proponent of all kinds of conversation salons, as I believe the first step in solving our problems is to listen to others different from ourselves, as well as form friendships with a wide variety of people. 

        I'd love to hear what you think, so feel free to stop by or visit us on facebook and like our Saturday Salon page, or if you're interested in the history of conversation salons, artist, political, family, work or school Saturday Salons, check out my new book on the site, or at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes.

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This is so cool, Valerie. I hope to stop by one Saturday and play! I really loved the poster you (was it you?) created and put in the "Inquiry Circle" group here telling us all about this weekly event... it made me want to curl up in one of those unique chairs you'd drawn and add my own (unique) voice to your circle.

Thanks, Amy!  The more the merrier!  Visit me on the site or my facebook page, and feel free to pose a question, comment on a post or share a favorite recipe.  Saturday Salons are very similar to World Cafe gatherings - all part of the good work of bringing people together to enjoy great conversation.  See you there!


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