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Dear Amy thank you for the suggestion to ask put the story about how the world café in Turkey starts.

I discovered Organizational Learning in 1996. But it tooks time to have a training of Core Competencies for Organizational Learning and then later Leadership Foundation from Peter Senge in Boston in 2004 and 2005. Then I became a member of SOL (Society of Organizational Learning) by 2005. When I was back home, I asked myself why not to establish a 'Learning Lab.' within the Company which is Turkish Petroleum Corp. (A state-owned Company) with the guidance and help of Peter Senge and Ginny Wiley and we start it. It helps a lot to at least to introduce OL cultures and its five disciplines at work. It still continues. Now, I am the head of Strategy Dept., so we had more chance to enlarge the group. We learned a lot but still so many things to learn through this journey. We belive that we trigered some many changes in the company through this LLAB.

So then, I discovered 'Systems Thinking in Action Conferences' and also 'The World Cafe' :-) too. It was a wonderful discovery. I get the 2003-2004-2005 STIA Conference booklets, The World Cafe (J.Brown and D.Isaacs) and also TWC Resource Guide booklet too. I liked them too much.

Then, me and my friends asked the same funny and very creative question; why not to establish TWC in Turkey by adding Turkish Coffee taste and style in it :-). Starting from Capital city Ankara and then continue for the other cities when needed.

It is the simplicity, also the spirit or the essence of the idea itself which is going to re-create and generate itself, for sure. What we are going to do is just open space, field for this creative idea for its flourish from within. That is how we see it.

So, we did translate TWC Design 7 principles and Method in Turkish, this summer. The writings are ready, but the pictures. The name of the cafe is: "Learning Lab. Café" under a sponsorship of a foundation named as The Sun of Humanity ( - sorry it is not english yet).

We will open the group in TWC Community Group as well. You could see the first version of the logo, we thought it should include some Turkish Coffee styles in it, so we are working on it, and maybe the name too :-).

Beneath the logo you would see a Turkish saying "a cup of coffee being the start of a '40 year' friendship" and also the TWC wonderful saying.

We did our first meeting in 23th of Novomber 2013 and it was wonderful and highly motivated. You can see some of team member in this picture ;-). The team has different backgrounds; engineers, doctors, designers, philosophy student, IT and innovation but all believe that they can change the world by starting to change themselves :-).

That is all for now !  Warm regards 

Memet Ali Kaya

A Poem from Rumi, from Turkey

This we have now
is not imagination.
This is not
grief or joy.
Not a judging state,
or an elation,
or sadness.
Those come and go.
This is the presence
that doesn't.

(Compiled by Coleman Barks, i.b.i.d.)

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