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Hi all!  I was thinking recently, that our DF community of practice has been using World Cafe very successfully as the follow-up for our Community Wisdom Councils, and I don't know if we've shared this information yet with the World Cafe community...

I used this format myself about two years ago with Ben Roberts, where we hosted three World Cafes in Newtown, Connecticut as a way to share the outcomes of the work that a local Community Wisdom Council had done, with regard to a controversial land-use issue.

And, I know that my colleagues in Austria have done this 30+ times... first hosting a "deep-dive" Community Wisdom Council with a smaller group, then following it up with a World Cafe.

The Community Wisdom Council consists of 12-15 people chosen by lot, who work intensively and creatively for a day and a half on a challenging public policy issue using Dynamic Facilitation. Then the Community Wisdom Council shares their work at a larger public gathering, where local officials + the whole community is invited. After some brief initial story-telling by the CWC panel, the larger public meeting is run in a World Cafe format....

Since most of this documentation is in German, I have started translating some articles about this. Here is an overview... 

In addition to this work in the pubic engagement sector, some of us have also been using the "Wisdom Council + World Cafe" format in organizations, to surface "organizational elephants" in a constructive and creative way. You can see a brief video about this here...  

Ok, that's it... I hope some of you find this helpful.

with all best wishes,



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Rosa....I just looked at the video from SwissCom and think what you are doing there is wonderful.  Did they ever do the Future Cafes across the globe that were mentioned and how did those work out_  HIs there any documentation of those that you know of?

Wonderful work!!  You might want to also share this with the ¨Methods¨group, as they are a large group in the on'line community and I know would enjoy learning about this as well.

My very best wishes,



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