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i have been asked to do a world cafe session on quality and
leadership as the theme for the quality care health foundation

i am doing a session for them in the end of july.  This is a great opportunity
for me as they saw me do one last year and wanted to share the cafe with this
group. i am very honored and at the same time want to make a large dent in
people minds on how powerful using the cafe as new way to lead etc.  so wanted
to chat with someone very experienced to help me think through the questions
that mater and will guide them with a tremendous learning and growth.  This is the first time this group will experience a world cafe and is a group that is very used to the traditional presentation format so this will a delightful stretch for them.  i will be blessed to have a graphic recorder so hoping that we will be able to share the learning from the session.  Any thoughts on powerful questions that will guide a new group to the magic of WC?  In appreciation joe

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Hello Joe,

How I proceed - and I think most of us, seasoned host of Café's and the like - is to have a conversation (or more than one) with the ones who are asking for the Café. In this way you can, through a good dialogue with them, sense what are the questions they are really holding. For me that is the real art of a good café, or any hosting of the new social technologies. They will experience the magic when the questions relate to their real concerns, and when it opens them to new possibilties.

And as you probably know, there is a lot written on asking good, wicked questions - here on the site and elsewhere.



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