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Our church -- LifePoint Church Reisterstown, MD ( -- would love to work more in the area of homelessness, but we really don't know how to put something together. I think the U Interagency Council may be able to give us some help. Where could we go to find ideas on how to start a program for the homeless?
We are located in both Carroll and Baltimore Counties of Maryland.
Thank You,

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Not sure if I can offer much Dave, but I have worked with various agencies and interfaith congregations, forming chaplaincies, shelters, etc. I'm biased toward cooperative, collaborative efforts. Some are now energized by Open Table out of Phoenix. Seems to have potential. Of course, as I'm sure you know, the "solution" to homelessness is a home--houses. I wish you well!
Thank you Chris. I'll check out the Open Table in Phoenix. We are all about partnering, so we do have some promise here.


Great, Dave. And you may find this rotating emergency shelter model interesting. I wonder who else is out there listening to this?


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