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Please help further worldwide research into The World Cafe by participating in a short survey for my masters thesis. Read the details below....

Hi Everyone!!


My name is Martin Boerjan and I'm 23 years old. Currently I am a Master Student at the University of Tilburg. Having finished all my courses, my last challenge is to write a Master Thesis. As you might suspect I am writing my Master Thesis on the World Cafe.

Together with my supervisor, who is also a host of World Cafés in the Netherlands (, I am exploring whether both the length and frequency (sequential World Cafe's) have an effect upon the effectiveness of a World Café intervention. A lot of theories show us that in order to make sense and obtain usable results from an intervention like the World Café, these events need to take long enough. However, more and more consultants nowadays are shortening the time spent on these interventions (especially in the Netherlands). That is why I'm going to dive into this relationship.

To do so, I have developed a survey that is targeted at both hosts and participants of World Cafés. As a lot of participants and hosts of World Cafés reside on this platform, this seemed to be a perfect place to get a major part of my respondents. Therefore this is the opportunity for you as a respondent to help in research on World Cafés and its use worldwide. Of course I will be very happy to publish the results of my Thesis on the platform when finished. 


You can fill in my survey, which will take 10-15 minutes to complete, by clicking on the following link:


Many many thanks in advance for your participation!!


Martin Boerjan

Master Student Organisation Studies at Tilburg University


P.S.: I know that many of you are members of multiple groups, so I’m sorry for the multiple impacts my post has, though I wanted to make sure that everyone in the community has access to my research project.


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