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We have a Cyber Security focused café being held in Cairo on 25 July and are looking for a Graphic Recorder for this 1-day program.

If the Community knows of anyone available in this region, will you please let me know?

Thank you for all you do!


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I have a colleague by the name of Jenn Wicks who works in Qatar. I'm not sure if she is still doing this but it's worth a try!


Thank you very much Joleyne!  

I 'll certainly reach out to Ms. Wicks.

Thank you so much for your response and have a great day.

Best Regards,


Hi Michael,

I would suggest to get in touch with Uli von Ruecker. She is based in Cairo and knows many practitioners. 

I will send her a note and ask her to contact you. 

I assume the event is in English, is that correct? 

warm greetings,


Thank you very much Michaela,

Terrific - I'll look up Ms. von Ruecker on the "interweb" as well, but if you can help with the contact it would be terrifically helpful. 

For when you contact her, the event is indeed in English.  

Thank you again for your note, help and recommendation.

Best Regards,


Hi Michael,

I haven't heard back from Uli yet - will let you know as soon as I hear from her.

Would you have some budget for travel? In that case, I know quite a few highly talented graphic recorders who have worked with World Cafe. 

Let me know if that is an option as well. 



Thanks Michaela!

We do have a bit of money for regional travel.    Please let me know your recommendations and I can certainly reach out to them.  

Thank you so much for your great help and support!

Best Regards, Michael

You can also check out the IFVP for practitioners in the area.



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