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Hosting Conversations about Questions that Matter

You're invited to experience the World Cafe in a new way.

I will be facilitating a live-video chat series for 4 consecutive weeks. This will enable you to  explore questions you care about every Sunday or Thursday at 7pm (PT). We will share harvest results for you to see and for us to seed the next conversation. 

You can sign up by clicking here now.

Nominate Your Question

When you sign up, you can nominate a question, or choose from the three questions you will also see on the registration page. After you make your selection, Eventbrite walks you through the rest of the registration process. We'll then email you ahead of time with the question that got the most votes.

To join the conversation Click Here.

Here's how the rest of the series will work. 

You will join 3 others for 20 minutes to explore a question that matters to you. You only need to agree to join one conversation. Later you can decide whether you want to participate in other conversations in the series. 

Again, this is a 4 week series.  
Redefine Virtual Cafes

By signing up, you will become one of the early pioneers of a new way to experience the World Cafe. The leader of this effort is a new company called Uzeema, which is working with the World Cafe to redefine what it means to connect people and ideas in the 21st century using the World Cafe process and principles.

Uzeema is sponsoring this series as a way to test key concepts for developing a new live video-based website that will allow you and others to engage in conversations that matter around questions that count - anytime of the day, anywhere you are at. 

Please know that as part of this test, you will be asked to pay $0.99 if you participate in 3+ conversations during this series. This charge will help us further evaluate whether the new site we are proposing and testing is something you and others would find valuable. 

For more information, leave us a comment. You can also email us directly: Nancy Margulies at, or Drew McInnes

We look forward to hosting you in the coming weeks!

Nancy and Drew

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Replies to This Conversation

Hello everyone,

You can now participate in this event on the day and at the time that works best for you.

Simply click here to complete your registration, which will ask you to choose your day and time.

The feedback we've received so far indicates that Thursdays and Sundays do not necessarily work for everyone.





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