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Combining the Creative Arts with World Cafe


Combining the Creative Arts with World Cafe

A place to share ideas, experiences & experiments in combining the creative arts with World Cafe. How can we use the arts with participatory processes to give greater access to the full range of human meaning & expression?

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What are your experiences, ideas, imaginings?

Started by Jasmine Cargill. Last reply by Niela Miller (Marly Milena/SL) Apr 4, 2011. 3 Replies

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Comment by Janet Salisbury on April 6, 2013 at 9:56pm

I have just received an email about a free online event with Juanita called "Learning at the Edge: World Cafe, the Creative Arts, New Contexts, and the Future of Dialogue" on Saturday, April 13th,
10:30am - 12:00pm Pacific Time. Unfortunately  I can't make it at that time which is a shame because I  would love to hear more about experiences with the creative arts. I have faciliated a series of public conversations in Canberra, Australia hosted by a citizen's forum and community arts group I belong to called A Chorus of Women in which we integrated creative arts (mostly original songs and some story telling with Art of Hosting and World Cafe approaches to talk about issues of climate change and sustainability. The events were held in a public meeting room at our local government building and involved senior public servants, academics, business people, community group reps, activists, artists and genera

l public. We had between 50 and 80 people at each meeting. A record of the meetings is here:

We are currently planning for our next conversation in June which will try and take a deeper look at the role of the arts in our city's cultural idebntity and rsponse to issues like climate change and social issues . Any ideas?  Last month we sang in the foyer of Australia's Parliament House - original songs about peace, human rights, environmental issues  and democracy.  The audience included members of parliament, govt ministers and a group of visiting Arab women taking part in the inaugural Australian Arab Women's Dialogue. The date was the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq - which Australia was a part of against the wishes of most citizens. The experience was very moving -with tears shed, audience participation in some songs and an encore of our song 'Ubuntu' (based on the African concept of interconnectedness) - providing a type of artistic dialogue at the very heart of our (usually oh-so adversarial) democracy.  For more about 'ubuntu'  

Comment by Jill Withrow Baker on November 18, 2011 at 10:56am

"How can we use the arts with participatory processes to give greater access to the full range of human meaning & expression?"

The arts are an expression of the artist's response, both emotional and creative in their area of expertise to events and evoked emotions to events experienced by the artist. Viewers or listeners may or may not like this creative expression, but the artist cannot help but respond. Whether listeners and viewers are able to see or hear this expression is up to the artist. Sometimes someone will recognize the expertise of the artist and think it worthy of exhibiting so others can view or hear it. Using this response to show the viewers and listeners how others respond to world events, or events in the world of the artist, helps others to learn about the world, individuals' response to the world and the mind of the artist can help us learn about all three. Participating in and supporting the arts can help the world become a better place for individuals to live.


As an artist I paint what I see, which is colored by my emotional response to what I see. I have always wanted to show others the beauty in the world and how it touches me so deeply. It might bring enlightenment and joy to those who cannot see it as well. But more than that, I feel an overwhelming desire to show this to others so that they may be as much in awe of this creation as I am. Sometimes I think I succeed. And I have found that succeeding in showing beauty depends upon my expertise in painting, so work harder every year to perfect that.

Comment by juanita brown on November 10, 2011 at 7:35am

This sounds great. Thanks for the contact!


Comment by Barry Hantman on November 10, 2011 at 7:17am

Hi Juanita, Barry here in NJ, working with a wide variety of social service agencies in the substance abuse prevention/mental health field. Our target populations range in age from children through older adults. Just visited with a most fascinating group in Newark, NJ called the Barat Foundation that works with high-risk inner city youoth and employ mural making and the creation of animodules (large painted movable sculptures). To view them go Great project for youth to let it out.

Comment by juanita brown on November 9, 2011 at 1:51pm

I love this conversation....and just returned from helping to host a Staging Change Institute....which focused on storytelling and community performance along with Cafe dialogues....I think there is a huge potential at the interface of story, conversation, and other art forms.  Congratulatons Freddy on this exciting innovation!


Comment by Freddy Trujillo on November 9, 2011 at 1:16pm

I am pleased to announce that the next November 22. 2012 Luisa E. Sucre and me will conduct the world premiere of the Significant Learning Workshop CINEMa®CAFé "The transformacional Leadership" in private presentation for managers at the University of Rosario, prior to the inclusion of this academic program in the services portfolio of Continued Education. The workshop has an intensity of 8 hours. More information on (spanish)


Comment by Barry Hantman on May 24, 2011 at 7:58am
New to the WC, have a background in social services working with families, youth and adults in various settings (substance abuse prevention). My technical training was in visual arts, looking to bring the two areas together and include family/individual histories, stories, etc. and have participants express themselves in various visual/tactilce ways. Any ideas to share would be most appreciated. Thanks folks.
Comment by Freddy Trujillo on April 8, 2011 at 7:23pm


Very exciting your life value proposition. World Cafe is a marvelous and natural learning experience, where you can ask and answer by talking, in line with the most you want..

Since 2º edition, In the Knowledge Managemente & Organizational Learning Summit, in Bogotá, Colombia, we introduced a World Cafe workshop over the central learning theme, next will be STORY TELLING...  spanish :)

As creative consultant I am a lover of World Cafe, with my partner Luisa Elena we made CINEMa®CAFé a workshpo with a specific  learning goal, where we introduced concept maps, movies with learning scenes, and PPC© a model for developing competences within an a moody and sensitive World®CAFé experience. I introduced World Café too in a Marketing Value Proposition Workshop, to create strategies by talking..

The best for all..

Freddy Trujillo

Comment by Nadia Khalil Thalji on April 8, 2011 at 2:56pm
Hi I am very interested in Combining Creative Arts with World Cafe

I am a theatre artist, dramaturge, educational facilitator and multi - disciplinary Performing Artist active in community development and University teaching in Brazil.  Co - Director of Constellation Performance Ensemble  ( artists from Brazil, Uruguai, the US and Africa) and I am very interested in the connection between art, social change, multiculturalism and spirituality.  My special interests are creating performing arts training practices that are both ethical and sustainable, and, facilitating conversations in international organizations that can nurture creativity, innovation social justice and cultural understanding. My particular strengths are in the areas of performance skills, voice and movement, and exploring the relationship between energy and creativity, physicality and spirituality. Mentor of "Cultural Diversity Celebration - Honoring People and Cultures through art " several places in Brazil and at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. In 2009 and 2010 I organized the International Day of Peace Celebrations being part of the official Calendar of Bento Goncalves ( where I live) and would love to learn more about World Cafe and join this Global movement. 

Comment by Deborah Lange on April 1, 2011 at 8:12am

Hi, Jasmine and everyone else. Do you remember what it was like in kindergarten? Well in Australia you will find different materials in different pats of the room. There is a music space with instruments, a craft making space with seeds, re-cyclable materials etc, there is a painting space, a reading space, a nature space just outside the classroom, maybe some plasticene or play dough or clay and more.

Well that is what we have created for what I called an "expressive" cafe. I try to make sure we have visual, auditory, kinesthetic and nature experiences to evoke creative expression and allow new thoughts and images to unfold.

So for example we choose a beautiful location, preferably where people can have a table outside as well and also so the room can be filled with natural light and beauty. We set up the different materials in the room, as people enter the room there is carefully selected music playing. I have been lucky enough to do this with Cate Foley Bourke who is also an artist, singer and musician. She has played the harp as people have walked into the room. We do a meditation or ritual or blessing at the opening and closing. We have our opening question, people with a theme topic host a tables - people can select any table for conversing and use any of the materials. People can also change tables. For plenarys people have sung, done little body/drama presentations etc It takes a bit to set up and there is the cost of materials, however, I have also invited people to bring whatever they want into the space that is conducive to opening the creative juices and allowing them to flow.

It has been some time since I have done this but I am looking forward to opening up opportunities to play in this space again. 


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