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I am reaching our to our community in search of stories or research on multi-generational dialogue...

I am currently doing research on cultural change through multi-generational dialogue and am finding resources scarce. If you have any stories, information, data, papers, books, or other recommendations, I would love to hear from you. I am wide open right now on how to approach this. Thank you in advance. 

John Inman

Doctoral Student - Researching co-generation of leadership capabilities in organizations as networks of communication through multi-generational dialogue using The World Café
Field of Practice - Dialogue Partner (Samtalspartner), creating relationships of mutual respect and trust with partners (or client systems) in service to generating value to stakeholders of the enterprise

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Hi John,

You might want to write to Joshua Gorman of Generation Waking Up for more info on this.  Write me for his e-mail.



Have done Juanita. Thank you so much.



Hello John,

You came to the right place. :) We are encouraging people to bring their stories here - it would be great to have your contribution as well.



Augusto, indeed I have. Let's see if we can learn what is happening in this exciting area of practice.



Hi all,

John, might you want to join the Presencing Institute's on-line community and put up this request on the Presencing Institute's group on Intergenerational questions?  Augusto,  you are part of that group as well,no?



Con carino,


Thank you Juanita, it is done. :-)



John, you might check out the MP3 of Juanita Brown and Nicole Boyer not only discussing but also facilitating a World Cafe dialogue focused on Intergenerational dialogue on Maestro Conference.


Warm wishes from a fragrant spring day in Phoenix,


Christine Whitney Sanchez

Innovation Partners International




Thank you Christine, I appreciate the heads up. Wonderful idea. I wish you the best.



John, you might be interested to read Kathy Jourdain's reflection on a recent Art of Collaborative Leadership; one of the main points is this intergenerational topic. I'm sure she will also be open to have a conversation with you, if you would like it.

With love,


Ria thank you so much. I will certainly contact Kathy. I appreciate that you flagged out this post for my review. I wish you the very best.



Ria my interaction with Kathy has been wonderful and I gained some outstanding insights that I have used in my research. Thank you so much for your wonder introduction. I wish you the best.
Thank you to everyone who reached out to help on this paper. It is exciting research and I appreciate the help.



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