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I'm at the Open Space Institute Board of Directors meeting and posted a session yesterday - What tipping point issues &/or opportunties are calling? It is my/our sense that the various communities of practice - World Cafe, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Art of Hosting, Methods for Strategic Collaboration, etc. - have built the capacity to collectively support worldwide conversations that could impact the evolution of human consciousness and the well-being of humankind. I would love your thoughts.

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Hi Christine,
I think Climate Change is the one global issue that could gather all these groups together to use their varied "doorways to collective intelligence" at the local level--wherever they have practitioners--with some common set of information (ie Gore's Climate Change stuff or other, along with practical ideas/tools for what people can DO in their own buildings/neighborhoods/communities to reduce their carbon footprint--David Gerson's materials or others).

I don't the governments are going to step up to the plate fast enought and it's going to take a global grass roots movement to assure action.

Anyhow, that's my two cents.
Hi Juanita

I do agree on the theme. Catherine, my colleague is organising the open RSA Thought leaders Thinking Tank on exactly Sustainability as a social theme people feel engaged about.
As you know this social brainstorm is based on Synthetron tool.

You (and other world cafe-ers) may to join the upcoming 40 minutes conversation
This Thursday RSA Thinking tank 17:00 CET, 16.00 UK time and 12 EST
topic : Sustainability getting Sustainability message across. What is the x factor

Surely it is in a different style and way then the world café .. be it that the purpose , the type of questions and openness are very similar... What is fundamentally different is the pace of the conversation and the collaborative filtering of the most relevant ideas and opinions... and in that respect I think the processes are very complementary

HI ank,
I'm sorry I wont' be able to join the conversation this Thursday as I'll actually be at a sustainability meeting that day, but look forward to continuing to discover the synergies among these different doorways to collective intelligence.

With warmest regards,
Thanks for the invitation to the think tank, Ank. I am with a client all day tomorrow, so will not be able to join this one. I would appreciate other invitations. Have a generative meeting!
Hi Juanita,

Do you think the Gore folks would be interested in talking with us about organizing the practice groups internationally to work on a local level?


Hi Christine,
I'm not the contact with the Gore folks--Nancy is so she would know better.
Hi Christine -

I keep thinking that World Cafe could be a really valuable way of getting people together to talk about Health Care reform...

Great idea, Deb. A fabulous alternative to the Town Hall meetings!
Hi Christine,

A tipping point issue - leading from our core: the core of who we really are as opposed to who we think others might like us to be. The more people that are consciously doing this, the greater the chance that some of the madness in the world will stop.
And there is no better way to further understanding and void conflict than meaningful conversations...or is there?

Hi Eric,

I love this way of talking about leadership - I've been calling it inner leadership but I think that leading from the core is much more descriptive. Thanks!
Whitney yes I do believe that we have built the capacity to collectively support worldwide conversations that could impact the evolution of human consciousness and the well-being of humankind. Our actions and practices are still disperate and we have not found a way to collectively connect to build a powerful force of change through dialogue in the world. For transformation efforts in complex systems, it will take a combined effort over a long period of time using all of our technologies to influence the systems to slowly change. I do not think we can do this separatly.

I think that Juanita is correct thinking that climate change is a huge door through which we all can converge to do this important work. Thank you for the post.

John, I've been wondering whether a collective "project" might be just the vehicle to bring these practice groups together to serve a higher purpose. Perhaps climate change is, indeed, the doorway. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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