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I'm at the Open Space Institute Board of Directors meeting and posted a session yesterday - What tipping point issues &/or opportunties are calling? It is my/our sense that the various communities of practice - World Cafe, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Art of Hosting, Methods for Strategic Collaboration, etc. - have built the capacity to collectively support worldwide conversations that could impact the evolution of human consciousness and the well-being of humankind. I would love your thoughts.

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Hello Christine, I am more than curious about what you came up with in your Open Space session! I have been holding the 'coming together of the different streams' for a long time... as Juanita knows. And I don't think it is so much about the topic, but about HOW to bring the synergy of the different technologies together - seeing each in their value; so practitioners identities need to shift beyond their own 'tribe'...
I will post more here, probably over the weekend, also a response to another question you were asking me here on the site.
I am in total agreement that climate change and sustainability are issues that have global impact. I think that addressing economic issues/economic justice would involve the widest spectrum of people in conversation; if people are struggling to feed their families and make ends meet, they don't have much attention to devote to other issues.
Economic issues may be the mother load, Donna. How might we invite those who need to feed their families into the conversation in a way that honors their circumstances?
Hi Christine and everyone...

I think the issues of climate change, non-renewable resource depletions, water shortages, peak oil, global economic change and over-population are all converging possibly within 50 years or less.

There is a movie created by the French PPR Group called Homeproject or 'Home' that shows this convergence. You can watch it online. Here's the link:

It is an 1hr 33min production, beautifully filmed that shows the beauty of this planet we call home. We've used this film to build context around our company's environmental responsibility. In a deeply felt, spiritual way, this film finds the tipping point with most people who view it.
People who know their needs are closer to identifying sustainable solutions and are able to point out root causes, not the band-aids that get applied to symptoms. It reminds me of a conversation I had with someone at work recently who had attended a symposium on Africa; an African presenter said Africans know what they need but they are sent aid that doesn't solve problems and creates others. How to extend the invitation may be a trying-out process, working through viable community organizations who know their communities. Economic issues are shared by communities.
I think tipping point can be reached by building great context around the question. Both the mind and the heart need to be engaged. I want to share a wonderful context piece by Rob Hopkins.

Rob Hopkins gives a brief introduction to Peak Oil and climate change. He then explains how communities around the world using OST are moving forward and creating bridges to the future. Communities are self-organizing.

The TED talk by Rob Hopkins is a good investment of approximately 22 minutes. It's great material for possibly using in building context around Peak Oil and Climate change with a hopeful message around what people can do to self-organize to create change.

TED: Rob Hopkins - Transition to a world without Oil

The Transition Towns Network uses Open Space Technology to energize communities to start planning and transitioning to live in a world without oil.

Cheers, Dennis Doughery
Dennis, have you connected with Nancy on the Gore project? Go to the this thread. Wonderful project. The two seem to support each other.

Hello Christine
I am responding to your question of 16 November about the role of all our various dialogue processes (and more) to support worldwide conversations that could impact the evolution of human consciousness and the well-being of humankind. With all my heart I agree. Thomas Berry's (philosopher, cosmologist and ecologist) inspiring book called The Great Work says that "the great work of our time is to bring the human species back into benign relationship with the Earth community" (all species) end our radical separation...He talks about the changes that would be needed to bring about this shift in human consciousness...he sees the need for a completely "new order"...entirely new ways of being and doing...I see dialogue as crucial to the new order...and I have found over the last 5 years in particular that people are gathering around these dialogue processes with a power sense of collective purpose...the Universe is at work...this is part of The Great Work....and all we have to do is be open... Love, Cliodhna UK



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