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Hi. I think the World Cafe could be useful to share ways communities are "transitioning". Our village of Sooke has just become a Transition Town and we are looking for ideas for projects that will provide some quick results that will keep our group engaged and build momentum.

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Hi Yvonne, Thanks for sharing about your community. What has been going on with transition work in Sooke to date? And what has your participation been? - Dave

Sooke officially became a Transition Town just at the New Year. Our group was informally organized in 2009. Since forming we have had a candle light vigil, a solar furnace workshop, tour of a First Nations community here that has a huge solar pv array and solar hot water on every rooftop, attended "Awakening the Dreamer" workshop, booths at several events, tour of a Eco home in the area  and our last meeting featured a presentation on solar hot water and pv. Next month we are sponsoring a viewing of the film "Economics of Happiness" at our local video awareness evening. Hoping to attract more members, ideas and begin projects that will build a more resilient Sooke. See our website at How about you?

Hi Yvonne:


Congratulations for your great transition at Sooke. You are brave. In Latinamerica we called country sustainable new places to live as "ecoaldeas." Many professionals here want to move to this sites permanently, but near a main city (less than 1 hour by car) due to schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and, of course, places to work. It is an intermediate solution. Not a crowded city, not an isolated farm, just a place to take advantage of both worlds.


Nowadays I am completing my doctorate on Environmental Sciences. My thesis is about Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Development, you know, feasible, bearable and equitable agriculture. Could you please tell me about any academic researchers in your regional universities I could contact as pairs on this topic?


Thank you.


Best regards from Cali, Colombia.


Luis Fernando


Later this month we are having a World Cafe to discuss how we can have a more sustainable Christmas. We haven't worked out all the questions yet, but it will essentially be around our experience of Christmas and how we try to make it more sustainable.

I'm looking forward to it.



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