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I'm wondering who here is active or interested in being active in Second Life? We have a group there and a location where we can meet ...

I have been hosting more and more World Cafes in Second Life and it would be great to have a team of people who are familiar with the environment and could participate.

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I have some familiarity with the environment, enough to configure my avatar, do some moves, gestures and not stumble on walls and people. :-) I have had amazing experiences in SL worth writing about.

I am eager to participate in hosting secondlife WC. Please invite me if you need facilitators. Doing is a great way to learn.

I am very interested in Second Life as a fully immersive educational forum, and conferencing facility and have found some amazing tools for hosting presentations from powerpoint, and youtube "in world" I would be interested in hearing about world cafe meetings in SL and in helping set them up. Though my timezone is New Zealand, so my SL time when I am on is usually between 1am and 3am. my avatar name is Dionysus Magnifico please feel free to contact me by IM or notecard or say "hi" in world.

I have also recently been looking at mixed reality meetings where SL and RL are used together to create a better experience, through this RL can look at SL and SL can see who is looking! If anyone would like the word file on this let me know.


Dennis! Yes, I'd love the documentation for the work you describe. I've seen SL and RL used together very effectively, too. There is a lot of scope opening up in this whole sphere.

I'm traveling for the next two weeks, but would very much like to do some exploring with you in Second Life, and also you, Fernanda. I'd love to get you there too, Ria! I find it very interesting to be online with people and have contact not only with each other's embodied self, but also with a level of imagination and the potential to interact with each others' "imaginal self" that is a very rare opportunity.
Hi Amy, I'd be interested in trying a WC in the SL environment, so please let me know the next time you have one that I might be able to participate in (or even just observe). I haven't used SL before, so would enjoy seeing it in action.
Will do, Andrew!

If you haven't been in Second Life before, you may want to spend a little time getting acclimated so you can really have fun and participate fully. If not, you might end up spending most of your time focused on the logistical mechanics of moving and speaking, etc.
Nice screenshot of graphic facilitation during a World Cafe on SL:

I really have to get back on SL and try this out.

@Fernanda: Was the graphic facilitation something that happened live during the event? If so, how did you make it work?
Hi Tim,

This photo is from a World Cafe I hosted in Second Life... and no, the graphic facilitation was not done 'live' in front of the group. I'm always looking for an app that can do that, but so far have not come up with anything workable. I bet with your contacts you will have better luck... if so please keep me in the loop. Thanks.

The way we did it with this one, which was a special event (a "Triple World Cafe" - three independent Cafes which were held simultaneously in Second Life, face to face in Halifax, and on Skype and woven together so that everyone in all three Cafes was connected to and aware of everyone else), was to feed our harvests from Second Life and Skype to the graphic recorder in the face to face cafe, who incorporated it into her images - then their finished graphic was photographed and sent to me via Skype so I could post it on a prim I had prepared in Second Life. So there was a few minutes lag after the graphic recorder was finished in this case, and it is a fairly cumbersome solution.

It seems like there should be some way to set up a whiteboard in Second Life that the graphic recorder could access directly... yes?

I'd love to connect up with you in Second Life and experiment - and be sure to join the World Cafe group if you haven't already so you're sure to hear about anything that's happening, or can let the rest of the group know about whatever it is you're doing.


Hi Amy -

Are you planning any World Cafes in Second Life? I've finally gotten there and am starting to figure out how to move about without landing in water or a a tree, so I'm very interested to see how WC would work in that environment.

:-) Hi Deb!

I'd be happy to meet in-world and show you where we do World Cafes, etc. There are no Cafes planned for the next few months, but we can set one up if there is enough interest. If you join the World Cafe group in SL (we can do that when we meet up) then you'll be able to connect with others interested in WC and stay in touch with anything we've scheduled there (I usually put them in this calendar as well).

Warm Wishes,

Amy (Lucida Skytower in Second Life)
:-) For a laugh (at all my inarticulate 'ah'...s and 'hmm'...s) check out the video I just uploaded of Giarc Glenwalker (Craig Paterson in RL) interviewing me, Lucida Skytower (in SL) about World Cafe in Second Life.

If anyone is interested in doing more with World Cafe in SL, I'm happy to support you - let's play!


Are you still meeting in SL? I would like to participate, but I'm a total klutz in the environment, get totally lost, and would need a paraclete to guide least initially.

Also, does anyone know if there are folks using ToP methods in SL?



Hi Susan!

We do have a place to hold World Cafes in Second Life all set up with tables and chairs in a lovely environment. I am in-world often enough on other matters to be able to support anything anyone would like to do there, but I haven't had the "band-width" to initiate anything myself for quite a while.

I'd love to see us have more of a presence there again, and I'd be glad to meet up with you and give you any support I can. There is a Second Life World Cafe group with many others who have been active, and some are particularly supportive to newbies so between us all you will be absolutely fine. :-)

Let's connect up there!



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