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15 Quick Ways to Participate

Here are 15 quick ways to get started in this online community space.
(Note: if you need help getting started on how to do any of these things, check out the FAQs page)


1. Fill out your profile – be sure to fill out all the required information so that other people can find you, based on common interests or needs. Remember that this is the community space for the World Cafe so your interests and experiences with the World Cafe (or your questions about it) are particularly effective in connecting with others here.

Include a photo of your beautiful self, and maybe you want to take it an extra step - share something unexpected about yourself that will open up new possibilities for you.

2. Have a look at your Settings, particularly the Privacy and Email sections, and set them up so that you are comfortable here and sure to get the information you want without being bothered with stuff you are not interested in.


3. Introduce yourself and while you're at it, read a bit about others who've introduced themselves to see who you might want to follow up with and get to know better.

4. Have a look at the groups, which are focused on topics and/or geographical areas, and see if there is one or more you are interested in. Join it/them and start a conversation there about why you were attracted to that group. Tell people about yourself!


5. Look in the "People" tab in the navigation menu to find someone you know and invite them to be your “friend”. Or ... find someone you don’t know and invite them to be your “friend”! (Read their profile to learn a bit about them and try leaving a friendly note or starting a conversation.)

6. Check out the tools in the "Find Others" tab to see all the ways to find people who live near you. Have a look!


7. Invite 3 people you know who are not in this online community space but would love to be part of the conversation.

8. Kit out “your page” with a favorite quote or an image of something that inspires you.


9. Write a blog post – take this opportunity to articulate something that is important to you and may be of interest to others. This is not a "networking" opportunity to promote yourself or your work, but an invitation to explore a vital topic that really means something to you.


10. Using the "Conversations and Stories" tab, start a conversation about something you’re curious about or would love to hear others' thoughts about. Share your passions and what you are learning.


11. Upload some of your favorite World Café photographs, or if you’ve made a video of your World Café or a podcast of something of interest, share it in the media area.


12. Tell us a story about a World Café experience you’ve had - share it in StoryNet.


13. Comment on someone else’s photograph, video, or blog post.


14. If you are an experienced World Cafe host, consider starting a group to focus attention on a particular theme/topic of interest, or build community in your region.


15. Share a resource that has helped you (put it in the Cybrary thread in the Conversations & StoryNet tab.)



16. And last but definitely not least - if you have received value from the World Cafe - in your work, or in your life more generally - please to the World Cafe Community Foundation (there's a "donate" button in the right column) so that this gift can continue to travel wherever it's needed around the world .

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