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amy lenzo As Director of Communications for the World Café Community Foundation, Amy is responsible for designing and overseeing the World Café’s virtual communications infrastructure (website, online community, newsletters, blog, social media, etc.) as well as supporting the spread of great ideas in the World Café book, including 13 translations world-wide into Japanese, mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Turkish, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, and German. We're currently working with a wonderful Greek translation team for the latest edition.

Amy Lenzo is a pioneer in hosting interactive World Cafés online. She and her team have found that it’s not only possible to create the warm hospitable space of a World Café experience in a virtual environment, but the medium actually offers many advantages.

Powerful and effective World Cafés can be held online with large and small groups just about anywhere in the world – bypassing the economic, environmental and personal limitations of extensive travel without sacrificing the intimacy and interaction of deep conversation and connection.

Drawing on her profound understanding of the World Café principles and her skills and experience applying technology to human needs, Amy currently hosts online World Cafes using a variety of interactive media. Amy co-created the company weDialogue to offer these services on behalf of and in support of the World Café Community Foundation.

Contact her directly to talk about your virtual event needs.

Last, but not least, Amy Lenzo is the World Café's core team liaison for the World Café Signature Learning Program series we launched in June, 2011. She has developed the online presentation for these programs and is responsible for co-hosting and producing Introduction to the World Café, and Hosting World Cafes: The Fundamentals, which is currently being offered in partnership with Fielding Graduate University.

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Amy Lenzo is also the owner/director of Clear Light Communications, an online communications company dedicated to creating internet presences that are beautiful, personal, and effective at getting their message across. She blogs at Beauty Dialogues about aesthetics and her perspectives on design and the world wide web.

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