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Tag Clouds

These are Tag Clouds from all answers to the three questions in all profiles.
I left out the words "world", "cafe" and "community" because they would appear too big in all of the results.

last updated May 23, 2012

What knowledge, skills or resources would you like to contribute to the World Café community to help it grow and flourish?

(compare: from Aug 31, 2010)

What would you most like to receive from this community?

 (compare: from Aug 31, 2010)

What haven't we asked that you'd like to share?

(compare: from Aug 31, 2010)

And here you can find an interactive Tag Cloud generated from all profile answers of everyone (from August 31, 2010). You can click on several words and then press "submit" on top to start a search on this Online Community with these words.


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